Open Issues

There are 24 open issues listed in the system.

ID State Title Raised on Product
ISSUE-2 OPEN Test Suite 2005-12-13 Testsuite
ISSUE-12 OPEN identifying a conformant schema 2006-01-24 Testsuite
ISSUE-25 OPEN Map and Hash Patterns 2006-02-21 Advanced
ISSUE-49 OPEN is anySimpleType a Basic Patterns type? 2006-05-09 Advanced
ISSUE-62 OPEN Why would a pattern NOT be included in our Advanced document? 2006-06-01 Advanced
ISSUE-68 OPEN xs:import of Schema 1.0 namespace 2006-08-07 Advanced
ISSUE-75 OPEN pattern for IEEE754r (floating point numbers) 2006-10-19 Advanced
ISSUE-76 OPEN Advanced Pattern 3.1.1 NoTargetNamespace disallowed by WS-I BP1.1 R2105 2006-10-24 Advanced
ISSUE-77 OPEN Versioning of data structures 2006-10-24 Advanced
ISSUE-78 OPEN fixed length repetition 2006-10-26 Advanced
ISSUE-79 OPEN Global Attribute SimpleType pattern 2006-11-01 Advanced
ISSUE-81 OPEN Abstract Global Element 2006-11-03 Advanced
ISSUE-85 OPEN xs:list 2006-11-03 Advanced
ISSUE-86 OPEN xs:attribute simpleType 2006-11-03 Advanced
ISSUE-87 OPEN xs:choice minOccurs 0, maxOccurs unbounded 2006-11-03 Advanced
ISSUE-94 OPEN conformance claim 2006-11-12 Testsuite
ISSUE-97 OPEN proposed set of new patterns 2006-11-24 Advanced
ISSUE-98 OPEN corrections to examples.xsd 2006-11-28 Testsuite
ISSUE-99 OPEN LC: XPath 2.0 and node-set ? 2006-12-11 Basic
ISSUE-100 OPEN LC: Basic Profile Compliant Import 2006-12-12 Basic
ISSUE-101 OPEN fractionDigits, minLength and maxLength proposed patterns 2006-12-18 Advanced
ISSUE-102 OPEN Semantic Annotations for WSDL Schema Extensions 2006-12-19 Advanced
ISSUE-103 OPEN Cyclic References 2007-03-08 Advanced
ISSUE-104 OPEN ComplexTypeChoiceExtension 2007-08-03 Advanced