Databinding WG Teleconference
16 Jan 2007

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Jon Calladine (BT)
George Cowe (Origo Services Limited)
Paul Downey (BT)
Yves Lafon (W3C)
Priscilla Walmsley (W3C Invited Expert)
Vladislav Bezrukov (SAP AG)


pauld: my time is limited, so would prefer to meet bi-weekly and use the freed up hours time moving forward with the test suite, editing, etc

discussion on how to process Last Call comments

Yves: we had comments from Microsoft:

<Yves> http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-xsd-databinding-comments/2007Jan/0002.html

expecting comments from Schema WG

how do we work towards our F2F?

pauld: plan to batch comments up and process them at the F2F, we already have a few duplicates
... interesting that Microsoft wants us to lower the bar, are we confident when we would remove a pattern?
... plan to work on some Java toolkit testing on Friday with Adrian Smith (BT) and will publish the report soon

yves: still have yet to publish the validation service

pauld: OK, let's meet again in two weeks' time and again on the 6th, in the meantime look to your ACTIONS ;-)

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