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TPAC 2011 (a W3C event) takes place 31 Oct to 4 Nov 2011 in Santa Clara, California. The Plenary Day is 2 November.

This year the TPAC2011 Program Committee has adopted a plenary day structure that encourages meeting participants to drive the agenda. Most of the day will consist of sessions chosen and led by participants. We encourage people to share their ideas in this wiki. This wiki also provides more operational information about the day.

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Plenary Day Structure

The TPAC2011 Program Committee is using a TPAC2011-Planning workspace to further develop the details.

Time Activity Notes
08:30-09:00 Jeff Jaffe on Successes and Challenges (slides in PDF)
09:00-09:30 Plenary topic #1: Web and Television Mark Vickers (combined slides with Clarke), Chair; Giuseppe Pascale, Opera (slides); Clarke Stevens (CableLabs)
09:30-10:00 Plenary topic #2: Web Content Interoperability Bryan Sullivan, Chair; Wilhelm Joys Andersen (Opera), Claudio Venezia (TIM), Soonho Lee (SK Telecom), Kai-Dietrich Scheppe (Deutsche Telekom)
10:00-11:15 Agenda building 10 min explanation of BarCamp-style intros, session proposing, participant-driven schedule grid.
11:15-12:00 Breakout 1 8 Rooms available for the day.
12:00-13:30 Lunch
13:30-14:30 Breakout 2 (8 rooms - see below for breakout grid details)
14:30-15:30 Breakout 3 (8 rooms)
15:30-16:30 Breakout 4 (8 rooms)
16:30-17:15 Sharing and advocacy plenary Allow 15 more minutes?
17:15-17:30 Tim Berners-Lee Wrap-up plenary

Plenary Day Agenda Ideas

The program committee has pre-selected the cross-group plenary topics and a small handful of breakout session proposals:

Attendees were encouraged to brainstorm session ideas in advance of the meeting, both for cross-group plenary topics and for the breakout sessions:

We invite you to leave comments in the wiki in support of sessions or suggesting modifications. For the most part, actual breakout sessions will be determined by those present the day of the event, who will be free to propose sessions they've developed or new ideas. Please see the session page for more information about schedule and selection.

Session Grid

[30 sessions]

BarCamp/BreakOut Session Grid

This is a copy of the physical grid in the Plenary Room. Proposals are posted/managed on the physical grid. Please update this table only to reflect the actual physical grid.

  • Note: (*) means pre-selected.
  • Chairs, please identify a scribe and take notes in a new wiki page for your session. We encourage you to present that summary at the end of the day in the sharing plenary session.

time Grand Ballroom A (GBA) GBB GBC GBD GBE California Ballroom 1 (CB1) CB2 CB3
11:15-12:00 TPAC2011/API Design Approaches and the Rationales for Them (*) #apidesign Testing in web browsers. James Graham and PLH #testing minutes; Global participation #global minutes wiki notes Developer documentation. Molly and Doug. #webdocs minutes Adjusting to explosion of input methods. Judy and Kim. #inputtypes Social Business Jam. Alan and Steve. #socialbizjam minutes Challenge of identity in Webrtc. M. Mani. #identity minutes TPAC2011/Semantic Syntaxes (*)
13:30-14:30 Is there a right to link? Dan Appelquist #righttolink minutes TPAC2011/Building Apps in the Cloud (*) Martin Pohlman Internet of things #iot minutes TPAC2011/Agile Standardization #agile minutes Content protection. Mark Watson. #webcp minutes Accessibility Q&A and Tips. Char James-Tanny. #a11y TPAC2011/Advances in Social Network Standardization (*) HTML WG decision policy. PLH. #html-wg
14:30-15:30 What jquery and js developers want from web stds. Paul Irish and Yehuda Katz. #jquery minutes Declarative 3D. Johannes Behr and Don Brutzman and Kristen. #dec3d TPAC2011/Web-based Digital Signage Toru #signage minutes HTML5 AV Club. Kevin #htmlav minutes TPAC2011/Linked data. Alexandre Bertails. #linkeddata minutes TPAC2011/Revisiting how W3C creates standards #process (*) Kai and Marcos; Minutes, Revising W3C Process CG Web operating system challenges N.V.Balaji. #wosch minutes
15:30-16:30 Web Apis and Accessibility. Raman and Charles. #winteract minutes Fixing schedule delays. Jeff Jaffe. #schedule minutes; Minutes TPAC2011/HTML5 and Games (*) #games minutes TPAC2011/W3C Publications Ecosystem (*) #pubs minutes Crypto API and Identity WG chartering - Privacy and Security issues. Nick/Halpin/Roessler. #privacy minutes Demos. Demonstrations of applications based on W3C standards. #demos minutes TPAC2011/Open Gov Data. Hadley. #opendata minutes

Overflow sessions

time Other rooms Bar 104 Lobby Poolside
13:30-14:30 Web Component Model. #webapps in Room 1234 Swim!
14:30-15:30 Web communication. Kepend Li. #webcomm HTML5 UI mapping to platform accessibility APIs [1]. #aapi. Cynthia Converge address book ... Web TV. #cab Measuring the Web. Steve Bratt. #windex
15:30-16:30 Web first. Downsize the W3C, spin out sem web. Alex Russell. #webfirst Multi-screen Web. Hiroyuki Aizu. #multiscreen Registries. Debbie Dahl. #registries.
    • Grand Ballrooms hold ~40
    • California Ballrooms hold ~35

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