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Minutes of the Fixing schedule delays break-out session

The group spent most of the time brainstorming ways to improve W3C's ability to release specifications on schedule. At the end, people were allowed to cast 5 votes each amongst the various sessions. The ideas that were voted on, and the number of votes that idea received, are shown below. More complete context is available from the minutes.

  • Start testing earlier: 5
  • Become Time-based urgency/scheduling: 5
  • Tooling for testing assertion: 3
  • Realistic in setting dates: 3
  • More modular / modularize: 4
  • Implementations due by LC: 3
  • Proactively chop scope if you miss schedule: 1
  • Put discipline behind scope of work: 2
  • Implementer commitment early: 7
  • Prevent v2 from infecting v1: 3
  • Some groups are living groups: 8
  • Make it easy to add module to charter: 5
  • Live with schedule but create a dashboard and have conversation with chair: 3
  • More releases of standards: 7
  • Project management training: 5
  • Create test editor role: 9
  • Accompany change requests with test cases: 2
  • Use editor time wisely: 2