TPAC/2011/Web-based Digital Signage

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Web-based Digital Signage

Leader: Toru Kobayashi

Proposed: Toru Kobayashi, Shinji Ishii, Masayuki Ihara, and Craig Makino

This session will discuss issues on the Web-based digital signage that can be used in the near future, for example as effective advertising media in public spaces, personal information displays such as a tablet device and etc. In this session, use cases of digital signage in Japan will be introduced so that it stimulates the discussion about the need of standardization of the Web-based digital signage and about the requirements from technical and business viewpoints.


  • Opening Talk
  • Digital signage overview
    • what is digital signage?
    • market trends
  • Use Cases
  • Technical issues
    • architecture
    • technical requirements
  • Future plan
  • Discussion


  • Introduced Digital Signage use cases in Japan and merket trends
  • Discussed technical issues and possibility of Digital Signage applications
  • DIscussed additional values on Digital Signage through the focused use case discussion of interactive vending machine with face recognition function
  • Discussed the necessity of standard of Web-based Digital Signage at W3C
  • Discussed the topic overlap and relationship with other technical group's works at W3C
  • Proposed a workshop in the near future
  • Proposed a mailing-list discussion opportunity