TPAC/2011/Advances in Social Network Standardization

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Advances in Social Network standardization

Proposed by: Laurent-Walter Goix. Leader: Harry Halpin

This session would invite both authors of relevant open specifications in the area of Social Networking as well as developers to discuss their experience on implementing these specifications. The goal of the session is to bring together the widest possible set of open initiatives focused on standardizing social networks at various levels (e.g. client-server protocols, data models, server-to-server federation, end-to-end integration, mobile optimization) through talks that illustrate their specification, current issues and roadmap. Developers may be involved to showcase demos & provide feedback. Ideally a final panel would discuss specific topics (e.g. user addressing, discovery) to better understand main issues and collaboration opportunities across these initiatives.

Panel Speakers:

  • Status.Net/Federated Social Web
  • IETF OAuth WG
  • Google+
  • Mozilla
  • OpenSocial
  • OMA MobSocNet


  • +1 I'd like to see this session happen. Some concerns: Which open specifications will be discussed? What do people consider "relevant"? How much time/focus will be spent on more academic/blue-sky social network standards vs. enterprise/oligopoly driven/focused standards vs. pragmatic/real-world-web/indie-web/long-tail focused/adopted open standards? Tantek Çelik 21:05, 12 October 2011 (UTC)
  • ...