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HTML5 and Games

Chaired by: Ted Leung, Disney

This session will discuss issues that arise when trying to build games using HTML5. What are the standardization needs?

  • See report on the Workshop on for Games (24 Sept. 11, Varsaw, Poland)
    • this workshop was co-located with OnGameStart, the first HTML5 games conference (23-24 Sept. 11, Varsaw)
    • one of the outcomes of this workshop is the creation of the games CG
  • The Newgame conference is happening 1-2 Nov. in SF
  • note (from Fabien Gandon) that the WWW 2012 will be in Lyon, a region with a lot of game developers and a number of events (including a W3C camp in the W3C track@WWW12, see Marie-Claire Forgue (the W3C track chair)) will be about HTML5 and Games.