TPAC/2011/web as operating system challenges

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Challenges in realizing web based operating system

There are many challenges to be overcome to realize a web based operating system. To fit the discussion within the available 45 mins and make it relevant to the context, we discussed the gaps in standards.

Important points from the session

  • There are many gaps in device access and application life cycle.
  • Webinos has classified the APIs into different group, and it can be found at$t3-2$List_of_phase_1_specifications.html
  • Web applications do not have the life cycle like Native applications do. As of now, Web applications can’t define a service (something like Android service which is chromeless and started when system boots up) or notification handlers
  • Browser extensions can do the above. Probably these aspects should be brought into the scope of standards.
  • There are interesting options for Realizing the background pages and services. Using Node.js could be an option. However, inter-operability should be taken care
  • There are several organizations that are attempting to fill these gaps. Unfortunately, there is not much of co-ordination among these organizations. It’s very important that these organization coordinate and build an inter-operable system.
  • Webinos is actively involved in W3C and bringing their proposals.
  • Because of difference in technical approaches and goals it may take good time before everyone converges