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socialwg Teleconf 2015-03-10

Tuesdays at 10am US/Pacific, 1pm US/Eastern time for 60 minutes

  • Check your timezone
  • Dial-in +1-617-761-6200 , SIP Instructions, Zakim Code "SOCL"

Previous Meeting



  • Chair: Arnaud (backup Evan)
  • Scribe:
  • Regrets:
    • Erik
    • aaronpk (will be on a plane)
    • (put your name here)


Chair to start the meeting by typing on irc:

trackbot, start meeting

Trackbot should already be on the channel but if for some reason it is not call it with the following command:

/invite trackbot

Zakim won't know what meeting it is. Just ignore it. Pick a scribe from the list or ask Zakim to pick one up with the following command:

Zakim, pick a victim

Unfortunately Zakim has no idea who's scribed before so you may have to ask several times before getting an acceptable answer...

Then type:

scribe: xxx

Also, with WebEx, Zakim doesn't know who is on the call so, as people join they should record their attendance with the command: present+ <nickname>

For additional info, see the Zakim documentation page.



  • Participation is limited to members

Approval of Minutes of 10 March 2015 Teleconf

Approval of Minutes of 24 March 2015 Teleconf

Minutes of F2F

  • status?

Next Teleconf

Next F2F

  • Location in Paris confirmed! INRIA near Place d'Italie
  • F2F3

Tracking of Actions and Issues

Defining and documenting WG workflows

We can't do the actual work that our charter defines if we struggle with our workflows and collaboration channels Pavlik elf (talk) 14:03, 29 March 2015 (UTC)

  • responding to (we DID NOT respond - see archives:
  • Agenda workflow - our meetings can stay much more productive if participants prepare for them
    • PROPOSAL: wiki page for n+1 meeting already exists during n meeting, we prepare agenda together tue-fri and close it on friday
  • Tracker workflow - if we need formal process to open and close issues, things like e.g. ISSUE-29 Removing Activity Types not used by User Stories will just slow us down. We tried using github for such details and it this particular case it even may fit IG charter.
  • Where WG & IG can work together? e.g. Vocabularies, Use Cases and Requirements
    • ✗ mailing lists - membership restrictions, lack of participation from IndieWeb folks
    • ✗ W3C tracker - membership restrictions, no push notifications
    • ✓ wiki - no push notifications
    • ✓ IRC - no push notifications
    • ✓ Github - using orga account e.g. w3c-social or various personal accounts e.g. jasnell
see also:

Activity Streams 2.0

Remaining ones from previous meeting:

  • ISSUE-14 as:Link and current state of MediaObject
  • Collections - how to model them and what we can reuse? — Pavlik elf (talk) 12:35, 15 March 2015 (UTC)
    • ACTION-44 Collection - compare AS2 design with LDP, Hydra, etc.
  • Strategy for ISSUE-17 Identity, Agent, Person, Persona, Account etc. need clarifications — Pavlik elf (talk) 10:49, 15 March 2015 (UTC)
    • ISSUE-26 Representing profiles in Activity Streams 2.0

Social API

  • Status.

ActivityPump call for help

See the newly forked standard page and the mailing list thread

  • History of the ActivityPump spec (and relation to the pump api)
  • What needs to be done
  • How to help!

Additional Agenda Items

DO NOT REMOVE THIS Additional Agenda Items SECTION, add more agenda items here (or in a NEW === section === previous to this section)

  • ...

Remaining ones from previous meeting

  • Discuss implicit knowledge / inferencePavlik elf (talk) 11:48, 11 March 2015 (UTC)
    • ISSUE-12 Action Types Structure and Processing Model
    • ACTION-43 propose *lightweight* inference based on RDFa Vocabulary Expansion


Chair to close the meeting with the following command:

trackbot, end meeting

If you forget, trackbot will close the meeting for you when the activity dies down.

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