ISSUE-34: Context vs. Motivation

Context vs. Motivation

Activity Streams 2.0
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James Snell
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The "context" property in the current vocabulary is a carry over from the AS 1.0 base schema that is intended to provide additional contextual information about an activity. The meaning is rather vague and undefined. It's largely intended to provide a means of describing WHY an activity occurred or within what context is occurred.

The Web Annotation model has a similar but better defined approach using it's "motivations" concept. An Annotation is always "motivated" by something. We ought to reevaluate "context" and see if it makes sense to keep it as currently "defined" in the core vocabulary or switch to something that is more aligned with the Web Annotation "motivation".
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James Snell, 1 Dec 2015, 17:33:09

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