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ACTION-14 (edit) open Set up json-ld context for namespace Sandro Hawke 2014-12-02 Activity Streams 2.0
ACTION-45 (edit) open Testing Activity Streams 2.0: explore ontology based testing Henry Story 2015-03-17 AS2.0 Tests
ACTION-47 (edit) open Acquire sqldump of opensocial site database and upload somewhere Amy Guy 2015-03-17
ACTION-50 (edit) open Extract the examples from the main documents, pick properties and put together a test for those examples Evan Prodromou 2015-03-24 Activity Streams 2.0
ACTION-52 (edit) open Discuss re github Harry Halpin 2015-03-25
ACTION-57 (edit) open extract all AS2.0 examples in specs into separate files + expose them to JSON-LD Playground Pavlik elf 2015-06-02 AS2.0 Tests
ACTION-65 (edit) open Document why some of json-ld authors use v1 etc. in context uris Pavlik elf 2015-06-02 Activity Streams 2.0
ACTION-68 (edit) open Ask if open-source/free software sip exists for w3c's webex Harry Halpin 2015-06-30
ACTION-69 (edit) open Document use-case for multiple natural-language strings in as 2.0 James Snell 2015-06-30
ACTION-80 (edit) open Contact julian as a chair and ask about the status of push and cc wendy and see if we can get to a point where we can at least reference it or possibly incorporate into this wg. Evan Prodromou 2015-12-08
ACTION-82 (edit) open Compare as2 vocabulary with's use of as1 Evan Prodromou 2015-12-09
ACTION-83 (edit) open Continue developing federation aspects of existing candidate specs (activitypump, solid, micropub/indieweb building blocks) and in parallel evan will curate requirements from user stories and other federation protocol efforts, with documented reasons for non-requirements Evan Prodromou 2015-12-09
ACTION-84 (edit) open Bring issue to i18n Sandro Hawke 2015-12-09
ACTION-85 (edit) open Get w3cid to jasnell asap Evan Prodromou 2015-12-15
ACTION-86 (edit) open Add a section on feed readers to as2 conformance section Evan Prodromou 2016-03-23
ACTION-87 (edit) open Add labels to the wiki with short description of each Sandro Hawke 2016-03-23
ACTION-88 (edit) open Incorporate your work done in to the social web protocols document for the others in the group to review Amy Guy 2016-03-24
ACTION-89 (edit) open Move webmention through the process to cr publication Sandro Hawke 2016-05-17
ACTION-90 (edit) open Get domain lead approval for jf2 Sandro Hawke 2016-06-07
ACTION-91 (edit) open Find out if webreq can handle namespace document, or if there's a better solution Sandro Hawke 2017-09-05

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