ISSUE-31: Refactor "target", "origin" and audience targeting properties

Refactor "target", "origin" and audience targeting properties

Activity Streams 2.0
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James Snell
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In the current vocabulary, we have the properties "origin" and
"target" that are used to indicate the entities from which and to
which an activity is directed. For instance, if I wanted to say that
"Sally moved the file from Folder A to Folder B" I would use:

"@type": "http://example.orgMove"
"actor": "",
"object": { "@type": "Document" },
"target": { "@type": "Folder", "displayName": "B" },
"origin": { "@type": "Folder", "displayName": "A" }

We also have the audience targeting properties ("to", "bto", "cc" and
"bcc") which set up somewhat undefined concepts about "Primary" and
"Secondary" audiences for an Activity for the purposes of

For the sake of simplifying the Vocabulary, I would like to propose
two basic simplifications:

1. Rename "origin" and "target" to "from" and "to" to better reflect
their semantic purpose and
2. Drop the existing "to" and "bto" audience targeting concepts.

In other words, the following:

"@type": "http://example.orgMove"
"actor": "",
"object": { "@type": "Document" },
"to": { "@type": "Folder", "displayName": "B" },
"from": { "@type": "Folder", "displayName": "A" },
"cc": ""

Would say, "Sally moved the document from Folder A to Folder B. Let Joe know."

This is an overall simplification of the audience targeting that
better reflects how audience targeting typically works in most
existing social platforms and provides an overall model that is easier
to understand. There'd be no more of this "Primary" and "Secondary"
audience stuff.

The existing "target" would be moved to deprecated status and "origin"
would simply be dropped given that it was introduced in the previous
edit and has no backwards compatibility issues.

"cc" and "bcc" would be retained but "bto" would be dropped.
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James Snell, 1 Dec 2015, 17:32:45

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