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Welcome – A few organizational details

The Social Business Group is just now forming and I’ve heard from several future members that they are going through their company’s internal processes to join.

If you are considering joining us, I’d like to provide a few details that might be helpful to you.

You can read more about the W3C Community Group process here:

The community group process is free and does not require W3C membership.

To join this group,  click the “Join This Group” button on the group home page and accept to the lightweight IP agreement.

Since this group is brand new, there are several “start up” activities to take care of.    We need a charter to set the bounds of the group, define how we operate, to define how this group interacts with other community groups and other standards organizations, etc.  I will propose a draft charter – perhaps at the first group meeting (more on the first group meeting a bit lower in this wiki post).

During group formation, it was proposed we take a look at the W3C Social Business Jam Results Document and the list of recommendations for next steps in that document.  The results document can be found here:

It has also been proposed that this group work on common social business use cases and best practices with an eye on how this information affects any existing standards or highlights the needs for new standards in the social business space.

If there is an operative word for this group, it could be “liaison”.  If standards already exist somewhere else, we want to work with those groups for improvement.  If we find true gaps, we decide where best to move forward with new standards.

That is a little bit of background.

We want to “get going” and be productive quickly, so I am working with the group chair to schedule our first meeting (kick off meeting).  Please look for the kick off meeting to appear on the upcoming events calendar for the group soon.

If you have a topic you would like discussed at the kick off meeting, please send the topic to me or the group chair so we can place it on the agenda.  If you are interested in some sort of leadership position in the group, please let me know about that also.

If you are looking for additional information about the group or have questions, please feel free to contact me via the W3C.

4 Responses to Welcome – A few organizational details

  • David: I’m looking forward to the first meeting. I think we’re all energized after the Social Jam and publication of the results, and I think the time is right to capitalize on that momentum.


  • Great addict of the blog, a considerable number of your blogposts have definitely helped me out. Looking forward to updates!


  • Hi David,
    Looking forward to hearing more. I was expecting in the report at least some social details of who participated in the Jam and who was interested. Will that be released?



  • Well I guess the short bit in the second paragraph says all it can:

    The Jam had 1073 unique registrants who attended the Jam. Twenty different industries were represented in the registrant pool, with 57% of the registrants classified their employer as a “large organization”, 20% as a medium organization, 12% as a small organization and 11% were self employed.

    One useful output from other Jams was the Theme cloud. Can we see that one?



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