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Meeting minutes

October 2 – Don Buddenbaum

Team briefly discussed creating a IG charter to establish the IG this year – targeting an 10/15 vote and completion cycle in December

Team agreed to update/edit the document in preparation for 10/9

Draft IG Charter moved to discussion page for team editing at

Note: I moved the previous content of the discussion page to this document for historical purposes –

September 4 – Don Buddenbaum

The CG spent the first part of the hour with Harry providing an update/answering questions on the progress of the workshop report, and the remainder in a discussion on the group’s perspective on the implications for the SBCG.

In summary of Harry’s update, Harry indicated the following:

  1. He was targeting an initial draft for review by the program committee by the end of the week, including the following content
  2. OSF has agreed to a joint workgroup with W3C (this will be detailed in the report) – specifics around time lines and scope will be detailed in the charter for the workgroup
  3. Ashok is moving forward with a charter for the property graphs community group
  4. Harry indicated that he thought Adam Boyett was  drafting the charter for the interoperable profiles workgroup – There were a number of people on the call looking to join this effort (Lloyd Fassett, Larry Dawes, etc)
  5. In general Harry stated that he is looking for these efforts to start up in parallel with the release of the report
  6. Harry is still targeting the middle of September for publishing the report to the public

Harry then asked for a discussion/recommendations from the group on next steps for the SBCG, and there was an active debate that eventually came to consensus that the report should reflect the recommendation that the CG move to end of life, centered on the following key points:

  1. There was broad recognition that the SBCG was successful in it’s delivery of the CTO paper and defining and organizing the workshop
  2. The was broad recognition that the purpose of the SBCG was to find actionable standards work for W3C, and via the workshop that goal had been accomplished.
  3. There was wide agreement that there was value in the communication/coordination role played by the SBCG (and program committee) across the diverse groups that participated in the workshop; further more,
  4. the communication/coordination role should be continued
  5. the CG was not the right vehicle to play that role, partially because it wasn’t chartered to play this role, crating issues around the value proposition for the participants; mostly because we need something like an IG that would represent official W3C backing of that role in the charter, in the context of other official W3C social business efforts
  6. all of the new efforts (OSF/W3C, CG for property graphs, IG for communication and coordination, etc) should have each other’s role baked into their charters to officially establish partnering and an organizational hierarchy that reflects how W3C intends to move forward with social standards
  7. The new IG would be public to maintain wide participation and would be the mechanism for determining when the time was right to kick-off additional efforts based on consensus of the participants that there existed consumers for new deliverables reflecting progress of W3C social business efforts, such as updating the reference architecture and/or providing additional use case documentation

Summer 2013

Note minutes and actions for May-Aug reflect CG efforts at E2 and the joint OSF/W3C workshop, and were captured in the SAP JAM at to better facilitate collaboration

Apr 10 – Don Buddenbaum

Ed Krebs lead the group through a discussion using a high level example based on the implications of interactions of employees participating in external social networks and aligning those activities with the internal social network components that have organizational responsibility for the content of the interactions.  With the idea of potentially empowering employees to represent their organizations in new ways, and the entity being interacted with receiving a predictable and repeatable initiation and response cycle with the organization regardless of the topic or employee that happen to be the point of instigation.

The purpose of the conversation was to think through the ramifications of organizations proposing and delivering use case/scenario content at the June workshop with various levels of standards analysis, the potential for getting out in front of specific areas of social business investment and looking for gaps and best practices that could aid in standards based implementations, and the lack of awareness of the existing block architecture work.

This lead to a discussion on expectations for how the SBCG/workshop would expect the use case/scenario requirements to be connected to standards/gaps in an actionable way, and whether it is appropriate for the SBCG to also inject content or maintain a focus on the implications of submitted content in the context of updating the block architecture.

This conversation will continue through the discussion lead by John Mertic on agreeing to  goals and objectives for SBCG participation on 4/17.

Mar 13/27th – Don Buddenbaum

Discussed establishing a SBCG POV for the workshop

Ed Krebs led a discussion on looking at requirements from scenarios intersecting internal and external networks – and then putting them into the context of social capabilities aligned with key business objectives – The group agreed to continue the discussion on 4/10

John Mertec continued a discussion from Mar 13 on defining goals and objectives for the community group as the basis for establishing the CG contribution to the proposed workshop in June.  The group agreed to continue the discussion on 4/17 in an out of band meeting.

Feb 6 & 20/2013 – Don Buddenbaum

Reviewed progress on SoMoCo whitepaper

Reviewed recommended updates to call for participation and workshop Graphic

Discussed plans for joint W3C/OSF – Social Business Workshop

Jan 23/2013 – Don Buddenbaum

Update on workshop

Update on SoMoCo paper

Followup on Social Business Evaluation Process paper

Followup on Why you should join the Social Business Community (Draft)

Followup on BPM postings from Alberto

Jan 9/2013  –  Don Buddenbaum

Update from Harry on workshop efforts.   Positive reaction from Federated Social Web folks (Evan Prodromou), Monica Wilkinson (ActivityStreams), Mozilla (Shane Caraveo), and Pubsubhububub (Julien Gestenoux).   Harry requested feedback on additional targets.   Some names like Disney, Dell, etc were discussed based on social work they are known to be doing.  The general comment was that we also want to make sure we have sufficient end-users participation to make sure we get business oriented insight out of the workshop.

A question was raised on adoption of open social with regards to the workshop and Ed volunteered to take the group through some related material he has prepared for E2.0. Don to schedule a call.

Don to schedule a Planning Committee meeting for the week of the Jan 21.

The about page was briefly mentioned as a landing page for those interested in understanding/joining the CG – please review and provide comments back to Don.

Jeff reviewed his draft of the evaluation framework, soliciting feedback on fit for purpose, next steps etc.

Link to Aberto’s BPM/Social Business blog was posted and of interest to the group, so there is an action item to follow up.

Group agreed to continue meeting 2 times a month (1st/3rd week) on Wednesdays at 1pm ET.

December 4/2012  –  Don Buddenbaum

Agreed to move forward with Workshop based on feedback from Jeff Jaffe on Ann’s note  outlining concerns.   Targeting a 12/11 meeting to hand off updated call for participation draft.   Looking for feedback to align the infographic with the call for participation to socialize the workshop objectives.   No feed provided on the 3 sub divided versions of the CTO guide, so they will be closed and posted with the CTO guide.  AC meeting notes link now in the WIKI.

November 20/2012  –  Don Buddenbaum

Reviewed proposed Call for Participation – waiting for feedback from W3C on Ann’s note

November 13/2012 – Don Buddenbaum

Outlined 3 derivative works from the CTO guide

Update on W3C AC meeting

November 6/2012 – Don Buddenbaum


Oct 16 2012 – Don Buddenbaum

Finalized updates from Ann on the CTO Guide.

Ann will be attending the AC meeting and will drive a post-it session for the CG.  If anyone is attending please let Ann know.

Reviewed Block Architecture Diagram, group will pursue creating a program committee to drive a W3C workshop to drive the next version.  Draft call for papers to be reviewed next meeting

Briefly outlined Noise Management Use Case.   Timeline and tactics to be reviewed next meeting.

Oct 2 2012 – Don Buddenbaum

Reviewed a mindmap (posted in wiki) that attempts to articulate the focus and intentions of the SBCG, in the context of proposed architecture and framework activities.

Group decided that next step would be to create separate project outlines for an Architecture (Block Diagram) update and a Use case deliverable

Ed Krebs, Jeff Calusinski and David Hablewitz agreed to do some out of band work to define the use case project.

Looking for volunteers to help move the Block Diagram project forward.

Delayed reviewing Ann’s changes and the AC/SBCG promotion conversations till the  10/16 meeting.

Sep 19 2012Don Buddenbaum

Reviewed Social Media Solutions for Social Business Framework with Ed Krebs

Reviewed Social Business Evolution Framework with Jeff Calusinski

Briefly discussed the need for a review of the Block Architecture diagram

Discussed reaching out to the AC to socialize SBCG activities

Aug 28 2012 – Don Buddenbaum

the group discussed replacing Rich Rogers who is taking a new assignment as the chair, and agreed to transfer the role to Don Buddenbaum

the group agreed to publish the CTO Guide Whitepaper, pending any final comments made by Aug 29 2012

The group briefly discussed relevant issues that the community could begin to work.

Ed Krebs suggested reviewing some use case work he has been doing in an up coming meeting

Ann Bassetti reference the social platform work, as a a potential source that could be looked at

July 24 2012

– white paper – Rich presented overview of the current draft of the paper open discussion & comments. Agreed on 2 week review period, to close on August 6. Provide comments via mailing list. Rich will address comments received and provide new version of necessary. On agenda for next meeting (August 7 ) to discuss any comments if needed.

Links to white paper – .doc format  OR .odt format

order approval use case – use case author Jacob Eisinger gave an overview of his use case during the call. This opens a 1 week review period for group members to provide comments – after the author processes any comments received, the use case is ready for publishing.

– block diagram – brief discussion about next steps for block diagram – will add to agenda for August 7 meeting.

June 19 2012

– “rapid start” paper – Rich working on revisions, targeting new draft for the group by end of this week

– Social Workshop – Wendy Setzer from W3C staff joined us and agreed to be our liason to help us stay in the loop on planing and important dates and discussions for the social workshop being planned by W3C

– Use Case review and publish process defined in the meeting.

– members can upload use cases to the group wiki

-authors can request that their use cases be added to meeting agenda.

-use case author or delegate presents overview of use case at the meeting and members can comment, discuss

– call for comments follows, open for at least 1 week period.

– unless objections, after the comments period, author addresses comments and then use case s approved for publish

– 2 use cases reviewed in the June 19 meeting

– Continuous Integration use case

– business process visibility use case

– both authors updated their use case documents based on feedback in the meeting yesterday. I will send out call for review to the internal mailing list

June 5 2012

– block diagram – next rev would be useful. Review and update with any missing content.  Add technical assessment of each standard area, answering questions re: pervasiveness of the standard (if one exists ), and brief description of standards gaps, overlaps.

– focus on areas of interest to the members, e.g. profile management x-enterprise and intra enterprise. Develop multiple use cases that call out same standards requirement

– Use these deliverables as input to our group’s participation at the social business workshop being planned for 3Q

– there are several use cases in draft form now available from the wiki for review and comment. In next meeting (June 19) we can discuss & hopefully decide on our process to publishing these use cases

– rapid start guide – edited draft that reorganized the content out on the wiki is available from the group home page – Rich will take comments from any who wish to review by June 12 and will address in a new draft

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