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Proposed Noise Managment Use Case

Noise management – as the network grows – more of a chance for noise – social network becomes more likely to fragment and disintegrate based on that noise

Existing approaches don’t really solve problem

  • hidden follow button – practical 100-150 person limit
  • provide segregation – groups/communities/ – re-silo’d  – dilutes the social mechanism
  • use cases to articulate the problem, how to solve, see if we can learn from this

Challenge: – mixing a variety of information sources – what is the right method to change content from noise to value – a user mechanism (custom views/aggregation – third party aggregation)  bringing things together replacing the follow model – segregation) – context aware approaches, introduce high energy content/hot topics, we know that things are silo’d – bring additional information (e.g. role relevant)

Proposed techniques:

  • letting the user manage the content without degenerating to self defined silos
  • better tools to tune/re-tune the view
  • counter self-selection and silos by introducing additional content back

– Implications of engaging with new people, how much to disclose, how to introduce additional participants (based as context and security without over disclosing)

Proposed timeline

Phase 1 – better defining problem statement
Reach out to adjacent communities (proposing starting with SBCG LinkedIn Community) to identify various definitions of noise in a social network (over notifications, filter issues, timing, why is it an issue (upside down bell curve)  -why in the future, appropriateness of venue/examples)


  •  identify major themes,
  •  SME’s/topics for deeper dive
  •  recruit potential participants

Guiding principal: let’s not speculate on solutions

Input: set of questions to facilitate conversation

  • range of considerations what/why – End of Nov?
  • cut on primary authors for the draft use case – End of Nov?

Phase 2 – Draft use case


  •  begin to socialize concepts
  •  solicit refined input

Input: feedback from adjacent networks

  • Draft Usecase  End of Dec?
  • Webinar to unveil/solicit additional input (tbd)  Dec 2012?

Phase 3 – fine tuning use case / deliverable to proposed external venue

Phase 4 – public unveiling  – Enterprise 2.o ?

Phase 5 – drive technical deliverables – block architecture update?

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