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  • For the chair / authors of the verifiable claims use case document. Would like some feedback (if possible) on a use case that I attempted to model after your document. I trying to determine whether SSI can assist with access-to-justice, specifically enabling what’s called ‘re-entry’. Any comments much appreciated. Kind regards, Anne

    L.5 Criminal history
    Alice has a criminal history record based on a misdemeanor for which she was convicted while a juvenile. The law in her state means that when she turns 18, she is able to have her record ‘expunged’. In her state, this means that she can tell a prospective employer, or landlord that she has never committed a crime. The court in her state is required to restrict access to the record from prospective employers, landlords, but restore access should a subsequent charge be made leading to a conviction. Additionally, some federal law enforcement agencies are able to still access the record under certain conditions. Once the misdemeanor has been expunged, Alice should be able to verify this event and see who has read access to her record. If the record has been published by any third-party, once the court orders it expunged, it should be automatically removed from any publishing platform and purged from any third-party repository.

    Note: complexity re what expunge means across jurisdictions (both in terms of what the defendant can say AND in terms of what the court is required to do with the record, from remove access, to physically destroy).


  • Does that mean all the public libraries need to go into their archives and snip out the newspaper pages that reported on the crime?


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