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Credentials Meeting Minutes for 2015-10-20

Agenda Topics W3C TPAC Credentials Presentation Introduction to Rebecca Simmons Introduction to Deb Everhart Linked Data Signatures Update HTTP Signatures Update Organizer Manu Sporny Scribe Manu Sporny, Matt Stone, Dave Longley Present Manu Sporny, Matt Stone, John Tibbetts, Deb … Continue reading

Credentials Meeting Minutes for 2015-10-13

Agenda Topics NACS Show HTTP Signatures Introductions to New Members W3C TPAC Credentials DRAFT Presentation Credentials Reference Implementation Demo Post-meeting Discussion Organizer Manu Sporny Scribe Gregg Kellogg, Dave Longley, Manu Sporny Present Gregg Kellogg, Manu Sporny, Brian Sletten, Henry … Continue reading

Credentials Meeting Minutes for 2015-10-06

Agenda Topics Current state of Credentials Survey Survey Outreach Upcoming Demos Lumina Meeting Review Organizer Manu Sporny Scribe Brian Sletten, Dave Longley Present Brian Sletten, Manu Sporny, Nate Otto, Matt Stone, Richard Varn, Dave Longley, John Tibbetts, Rob Trainer, … Continue reading