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Credentials Meeting Minutes for 2015-05-26

Agenda Topics Recruiting document (non-W3C member) Introduction to James and Arto Graph Normalization Update Recruiting W3C Members Credential Management API Extension (update) Use Cases Organizer Manu Sporny Scribe Sunny Lee Present Sunny Lee, Manu Sporny, Brian Sletten, Nate Otto, … Continue reading

Credentials Meeting Minutes for 2015-05-19

Agenda Topics Introduction to Jordan Windsor Open Badges xsd:string issue WebAppSec Credential Management API Graph Normalization Test Suite Community Group Focus Action Items Gregg to split 2015 normalization out to separate repo on Organizer Manu Sporny Scribe Gregg … Continue reading

Credentials Meeting Minutes for 2015-05-12

Agenda Topics Recap of 2015 Groningen Declaration Meeting OBI JSON-LD Context RDF Graph Normalization Credentials WG Charter on Web Payments Agenda Credentials WG support questionnaire Recruiting co-chair from Pearson Organizer Manu Sporny Scribe Dave Longley Present Dave Longley, Eric … Continue reading