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Credentials Community Group Priorities

The W3C Credentials Community Group has identified our priority work items based on community feedback.

Here are the topics and champions (so far):

  • Decentralized Identifiers: Drummond Reed, Manu Sporny, Christopher Allen
  • Lifecycle of a Verifiable Claims: Joe Andrieu, David Chadwick
  • Data Minimization and Selective Disclosure Report: Christopher Allen
  • Verifiable Claims Browser API and Browser Polyfill: Dave Longley, Manu Sporny
  • Verifiable Claims and Attribute Exchange Protocols: David Chadwick
  • Privacy & Security Requirements for Credentials Ecosystem: Christopher Allen, David Chadwick

If you’d like to contribute to these topics, join us at the weekly meeting and on the mailing list.

Note that anyone may join the Credentials Community Group; W3C Membership is not required.


2 Responses to Credentials Community Group Priorities

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  • Hi, I’m new to DID and VC, and am exploring them with a stakeholder community. One item that i am finding hard to understand is how an entity expresses which claims they require. For example, if I require a credential that represents your drivers license – or – one that represents your passport in order to access certain data or services, how do I provide you with the knowledge you need so your system can present the correct credentials?

    Is there work in this area?


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