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2014年12月4日,W3C的HTML工作组与Web无障碍计划(WAI)的协议与格式工作组(Protocols and Formats Working Group)联合发布了HTML5图片描述扩展(HTML5 Image Description Extension, longdesc)的提案推荐标准(Proposed Recommendation)。该规范定义了”longdesc”属性,允许Web的开发者为复杂图片提供更长的文本描述,这是W3C确保开放web平台更好服务残障人士的一项工作。该标准草案由HTML无障碍任务组(HTML Accessibility Task Force)与HTML工作组及WAI协议与格式工作组(PFWG)联合制定。W3C在2014年8月发布了该规范的候选推荐标准(Candidate Recommendation)版本。欢迎您于2015年1月16日前提交您的意见和建议。


查看W3C的HTML无障碍任务组(HTML Accessibility Task Force),以了解更多信息。


The HTML Working Group, with the approval of the Protocols and Formats Working Group, has published a Proposed Recommendation of HTML5 Image Description Extension (longdesc). This extension for HTML5 adds a longdesc attribute that is used to provide links to detailed descriptions of images. Comments are welcome through 16 January. Learn more about the HTML Accessibility Task Force which is a joint task force of the two Working Groups.

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