Web of Things

W3C WoT – Working Group

The W3C WoT Working Group (WG) is tasked to create standards-track specifications and test suites. To ensure royalty-free Web standards, participants must be W3C and WoT WG Members and acknowledge the W3C Patent Policy.

Co-Chairs: Michael McCool (Intel) and Sebastian Käbisch (Siemens AG)

Team contacts: Kazuyuki Ashimura and Dave Raggett




Task Forces

The Web of Things (WoT) Working Group (WG) conducts some of its work via the following task forces.
See each task force page for details about specific work.

Name Deliverable Task Force Lead
WoT Architecture WoT Architecture
WoT Profile
Michael Lagally (Oracle Corp.)
WoT Thing Description WoT Thing Description
WoT Binding Templates
Sebastian Käbisch (Siemens AG)
WoT Discovery WoT Discovery Michael McCool (Intel)
WoT Security WoT Security Michael McCool (Intel)
WoT Scripting API WoT Scripting Daniel Peintner (Siemens AG)


Publication Status

Normative Deliverables

Web of Things (WoT) Architecture W3C Recommendation 9 April 2020
Web of Things (WoT) Architecture 1.1 Second Public Working Draft 7 September 2022
Web of Things (WoT) Thing Description W3C Recommendation 9 April 2020
Web of Things (WoT) Thing Description 1.1 Fourth Public Working Draft 3 August 2022
Web of Things (WoT) Discovery First Public Working Draft 10 August 2022
Web of Things (WoT) Profile First Public Working Draft 24 November 2020

Informative Deliverables

Web of Things (WoT) Scripting API 24 November 2020
Web of Things (WoT) Binding Templates 30 January 2020
Web of Things (WoT) Security and Privacy Guidelines 6 November 2019
Web of Things (WoT) Use Cases and Requirements 7 March 2022