Web of Things

W3C WoT – Architecture Task Force

The WoT Architecture task force is responsible for the abstract architecture and interoperability profiles for the Web of Things.

Normative Deliverables

Current work is focused on two normative deliverables.

WoT Architecture

The WoT Architecture specification describes the abstract architecture for the W3C Web of Things. It defines the terminology that is used by all other WoT building blocks. The specification defines a conceptual framework that can be mapped onto a variety of concrete deployment scenarios.

WoT Profile

The WoT Profile Specification defines a Profiling Mechanism and a WoT Core Profile which enables out of the box interoperability among things and devices. Out of the box interoperability implies that devices can be integrated into various application scenarios without deep level adaptations. Typically only minor configuration operations are necessary (such as entering a network key or IP address) to use the device in a certain scenario. These actions can be done by anyone without specific training.


Michael Lagally (Oracle Corp.)
WoT Architecture Co-Editors:
Michael Lagally (Oracle Corp.), Ryuichi Matsukura (Fujitsu Ltd.), Toru Kawaguchi (Panasonic Corp.), and Kunihiko Toumura (Hitachi, Ltd.)
WoT Profile Co-Editors:
Michael Lagally (Oracle Corp.), Michael McCool (Intel Corp.), Ryuichi Matsukura (Fujitsu Ltd.), Sebastian Kaebisch (Siemens AG), and Tomoaki Mizushima (Internet Research Institute, Inc.)