Web of Things

W3C WoT – Scripting API Task Force

The WoT Scripting API task force is responsible for specifying an application programming interface (API) representing the WoT Interface that allows scripts to discover, invoke interactions with Things, and expose interactions for locally defined Things.

Informative Deliverables

The WoT Scripting API TF has its own informative deliverable.

Web of Things (WoT) Scripting API

Scripting is an optional building block in WoT and it is typically used in gateways, hubs, or browsers that are able to run a WoT Runtime and script management, providing a convenient way to define the behavior of exposed Things, extend WoT support to new types of endpoints, orchestrate interactions among multiple Things, and implement WoT applications.


Daniel Peintner (Siemens AG) and Cristiano Aguzzi (Invited Expert)
WoT Scripting API Co-Editors:
Zoltan Kis (Intel Corp.), Daniel Peintner (Siemens AG), and Cristiano Aguzzi (Invited Expert)