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Rotation of Scribe duties

Credits: this is an adaptation of the system put in place by the eGov working group http://web4.w3.org/2007/eGov/IG/wiki/Scribe_List Note: we don't know who has invented it originally :-)

Some of the benefits of scribing are:

  • Helping people not able to attend to read the minutes after the meeting.
  • Making the Group accountable.

Scribe duties rotate among all the Group participants. After a scribe (generally from the top of the list) has completed his/her turn, he/she should be reinserted in the list at a new position determined by starting at the bottom and moving up until the number of minutes scribed by him/her (and linked from the right column) is lower than the ones listed below him/her. Thus, participants who remain at the top of the queue for weeks don't win an advantage (delaying their next scribe responsibility) by skipping meetings.

In the case of our group, we have a few time when the scribe responsibility was shared. I have dealth with this case through the allocation of the link to the minutes to the scribe which is higher in the table, but I have also noted the contribution of the other one (the addition of a pseudo-link for the same date).

  • The table content is also useful for those who are not familiar with the psueudonyms which are used during the teleconferences and in the minutes.*

Some of you who may not be familiar with the way that minutes are recorded for W3C meetings might benefit from a bit of a primer/FAQ for scribes (http://www.w3.org/2008/04/scribe.html)

Scribe table