28 Jul 2010


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Simon, Andriy


<laurent_lefort_cs> Previous: http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-xg-ssn/2010Jul/0020.html

<laurent_lefort_cs> ScribeNick: Arthur

<krp> sounds fine

Modelling discussion for Deployments Systems Devices

<michael> http://www.w3.org/2005/Incubator/ssn/wiki/Deployments,_Systems_and_Devices

michael: summing up the "Deployments as Processes" on the webpage

<laurent_lefort_cs> +q

michael: main idea is to have DOLCE alignement

<laurent_lefort_cs> Question from Andriy: http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-xg-ssn/2010Jul/0019.html

laurent_lefort_cs: how to connect "site" with a "deployment"?

<laurent_lefort_cs> Michael: for Andriy question, we can link deployment to platform via a composition of the relation from deployment to sensor and from sensor to platform

<krp> I think the later version captures everything from the earlier discussions, doesn't it?

<laurent_lefort_cs> For Laurent's question (how to handle site information - put it in deployment or as a special case of platform) we'll get an example to clarify

<laurent_lefort_cs> Vote on: okay for Michael to publish this version

<laurent_lefort_cs> +1

<michael> +1

<krp> +1


<laurent_lefort_cs> Laurent: stopping the vote to answer to Arthur's question

<laurent_lefort_cs> ... which is to have a direct relation between platform and deployment

<krp> Deployed System is just a System subclass that has a Deployment

<laurent_lefort_cs> Michael: DeployedSystem in the diagram is here to illustrate the model but is not part of the model

<laurent_lefort_cs> Michael: onPlatform corresponds to the physical relationship

<laurent_lefort_cs> ... The other one (which is not a physical) could be here as well

<laurent_lefort_cs> Laurent: examples where you deploy lots of things (e.g. buoys and platforms which as gliding robots)

<laurent_lefort_cs> Michael: the model allows for different uses (one sensor to one platform relation via onPlatform) or relations between bigger deployments and their sites / platforms (could be even regions)

<laurent_lefort_cs> Michael: the model allows cases like sensors attached to fish

<laurent_lefort_cs> Vote (pass 2): okay for Michael to publish this version

<laurent_lefort_cs> +1

<david> +1


<krp> +1

<michael> +1

<david> *where* will the ontology be published? Do we have resolution on where the ontology will live after the XG ends?

Progress towards the XG deliverables (Laurent)

<laurent_lefort_cs> Laurent: explaining that with PURL urls we will have more flexibility to continue but the first version should be published on the W3C Incubator web site

<laurent_lefort_cs> Example of ontology documentation: http://www.w3.org/2005/Incubator/ssn/wiki/SensorOntology2009

<krp> yes

<david> what was used to generate the documentation?

<david> Documentation generated using a generation tool derived from the vocab.org toolchain.

<laurent_lefort_cs> Laurent: explaining the principles behind the documentation

scribe: this automatically generated documentation contains explanations and links to wiki pages with more information to help with ontology review

<michael> +q

<laurent_lefort_cs> Michael: do we want to have the paraphrase (need to answer before Laurent uploads all the other docs)

laurent_lefort_cs: there many things we have discussed before which are not in the wiki.
... we have to document how we came to specific solution/decision.
... the current page represents the current state, but we also need to document the previous steps.

<michael> bye

<laurent_lefort_cs> Bye

<laurent_lefort_cs> Attendees: David, Arthur, Laurent, Michael, Kevin

Summary of Action Items

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