SSN XG 18-November-2009

18 Nov 2009

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Holger, Payam, Arthur, krp, Manfred_DERI, Prateek, michael




<Payam> Hi Holger!

<Holger> Hi

<Payam> zakim ??P2 is me

<Holger> ScribeNick: Manfred_DERI

<Holger> http://www.w3.org/2005/Incubator/ssn/wiki/Minutes-f2f-2009-10-24

Role call by Holger

US: Cory

Europe, Arthur, Kevin, Payam, Manfred

Korea: nobody

Australia: Holger, Michael

Comments on the Ff2f minutes

<krp> Yes, there were some photos, weren't there?

Action for all: Upload drawings / pictures to the Wiki

Action items from the F2F: collab web Protégé: (Oscar)#

Mail from Oscar: Protégé is OK, somebody volunteering?

Payam can confirm by Friday

Manfred: We may have a possibility

Everyone: please send comments to F2F

Next agenda item: semantic markup

Cory: just got informed, only 1 feedback ye

so far

Holger: Cory and Amit are working on the markup alone, more people should contribute

No further comments on semantic markup in the TC

Cory: more on markup in next week and a half

4. Semantic Sensor Network Ontology

Michael: first pass on basic abstractions, some extensions to be put in Web Protege

5. AOB

I like the timeslot :-)

Holger: Plan for work of next week's TC

- Talk about use case next week

(identify which ones to use)

Action for everybody

Holger to update Wiki with the vote

-- close of call --

Summary of Action Items

[End of minutes]

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