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Meeting: Semantic Sensor Network Incubator Group Teleconference
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Date: 16 December 2009
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agenda+ actions from last meting
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agenda+ tracker voting
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agenda+ xg deliverables & extension
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agenda+ AOB
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chair: kerry
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Cair: kerry
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Chair: kerry
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ScribeNick: Bermudez_Luis
20:10:24 [Bermudez_Luis]
Topic: Actions from Last Meeting
20:11:09 [Arthur]
20:13:34 [Bermudez_Luis] concrete actions
20:13:58 [Bermudez_Luis]
Topic: Tracker Voting
20:14:47 [Manfred_DERI]
The tracker URL is not working for me
20:14:53 [Bermudez_Luis]
Topic: Issue object properties
20:15:29 [Manfred_DERI]
no worrieds
20:15:47 [krp]
Working for me too (but you need a W3C login)
20:15:50 [michael]
do you have to log into w3c website?
20:15:54 [Manfred_DERI]
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Login and the rest works fine
20:16:04 [Bermudez_Luis]
Kerry: Vote about issue
20:16:56 [Manfred_DERI]
Ok works now
20:17:02 [Manfred_DERI]
took 5min ...
20:17:15 [Arthur]
if I remember right there is also an tracker-agent for IRC, we can invite
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there's a trackbot on the channel
20:19:32 [michael]
20:19:35 [Payam]
20:19:37 [krp]
20:19:37 [Bermudez_Luis]
20:19:38 [laurent_oz]
20:19:38 [Manfred_DERI]
20:19:45 [Arthur]
20:19:46 [kerry]
20:20:57 [Bermudez_Luis]
ACTION: Michael: make changes to ontology
20:20:58 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-1 - Make changes to ontology [on Michael Compton - due 2009-12-23].
20:21:41 [Bermudez_Luis]
ACTION: Michael: make changes to ontology close issue 1
20:21:42 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-2 - Make changes to ontology close issue 1 [on Michael Compton - due 2009-12-23].
20:23:07 [Manfred_DERI]
The comments are also on
20:23:57 [Bermudez_Luis]
Topic: System and Process - Issue 2-
20:24:50 [krp]
The emails have all been in the last half hour... (I was having dinner!)
20:24:55 [Manfred_DERI]
click on louis's original issue, in the window which comes then, you have have also the other emails and they are accessible
20:25:35 [krp]
20:25:40 [laurent_oz]
20:25:51 [Manfred_DERI]
20:26:15 [kerry]
ack krp
20:26:40 [Bermudez_Luis]
ACTION: Luis: separate Issue 2 in 3 issues
20:26:40 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-3 - Separate Issue 2 in 3 issues [on Luis Bermudez - due 2009-12-23].
20:26:53 [kerry]
ack laurent_oz
20:27:40 [michael]
20:28:14 [Bermudez_Luis]
Kerry:have not looked at the recent thread related to issue 2
20:28:17 [krp]
sorry, that wasn't the unmute button was it :-/
20:28:22 [Bermudez_Luis]
Michael :have not looked at the recent thread related to issue 2
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20:29:08 [Manfred_DERI]
I would like to comment on issue 2 as well.
20:29:41 [Manfred_DERI]
I think John made a very good comment: We should come up with a set of definitions. This will help us to understand each other better and simplify interactions and coming up with an agreement. And additionally, we can use these definitions to explain the ontology to other people as they then have the possibility to understand our thinking.
20:29:43 [graybeal]
20:30:33 [kerry]
trackbot: +manfred_DERI
20:30:33 [trackbot]
Sorry, kerry, I don't understand 'trackbot: +manfred_DERI'. Please refer to for help
20:30:49 [Bermudez_Luis]
Kevin: Relation between sensor and devices ?
20:30:56 [kerry]
ack Manfred_DERI
20:31:32 [krp]
I agree... on agreeing about terms
20:31:37 [Payam]
20:31:51 [krp]
I put a possible starting point on the wiki before the f2f:
20:31:56 [Bermudez_Luis]
Manfred: Need definitions and process of conveying to these definitions
20:32:56 [Bermudez_Luis]
Kerry: Kevin responded to this
20:33:20 [Bermudez_Luis]
Kevin: List of terms and definitions are already on the wiki.
20:34:29 [kerry]
ack michael
20:34:34 [laurent_oz]
Agree with Manfred on the care to take to explain where the ontology come from
20:34:36 [Bermudez_Luis]
Manfred: rationale is very important for system implementers and for improving the acceptance
20:35:32 [krp]
+1 I also don't think all sensors are devices - I think we need the different concepts that Michael mentions
20:36:46 [krp]
Though I'm not too bothered what either is called ;) As long as the concepts are separate.
20:37:05 [Manfred_DERI]
When conceptualize, we should also give examples.
20:37:20 [Manfred_DERI]
Examples help the understanding tremendously because you understand the otherwise quite abstract terms.
20:38:04 [krp]
From said wiki page... Sensor: An entity capable of observing a phenomenon and returning an observed value.
20:38:30 [Arthur]
why not leave sensor and device independent, than we still can create a combination like Sensor-device which inherits from both
20:39:32 [kerry]
ack graybeal
20:39:33 [Bermudez_Luis]
Michael: Device and Sensors are conceptually different. Device is a physical thing. Sensor produces a value for a property, not neccesarly a device..
20:41:26 [Bermudez_Luis]
graybeal: Make difference between meaning of the words and meaning of the concepts within the ontology
20:41:57 [krp]
How about with use the tracker to start with, and suggest changes to:
20:43:13 [Manfred_DERI]
20:43:34 [kerry]
ack Manfred DERI
20:43:40 [Bermudez_Luis]
graybeal: Possible solutions - create definitions and then we think about the label
20:44:56 [Payam]
20:45:16 [Manfred_DERI]
20:45:23 [Bermudez_Luis]
Manfred_DERI: we should not be limited to our specific area. Spend more time in looking at the larger picture
20:45:26 [AmitSheth]
It may be worth considering an upport ontology appproach
20:45:29 [kerry]
ack Payam
20:46:30 [krp]
20:46:33 [graybeal]
We don't have to worry about aligning our use of the Sensor concept exactly with other uses (for one thing other uses are contradictory; for another our use is within the context of our ontology)
20:46:37 [Bermudez_Luis]
AmitSheth: design to extend is important
20:47:24 [Bermudez_Luis]
Payam: Use Resource in a general sense
20:48:10 [graybeal]
By pursuing the idea of a glossary offline we can work on the meaning-first vs names-first during that process
20:48:27 [Manfred_DERI]
20:48:51 [Bermudez_Luis]
Kerry: We agree on start working on definitions, starting with SWE terms, and working on definitions first. John proposal ?
20:49:22 [Zakim]
20:50:06 [krp]
I suggest if anyone wants changes to the wiki glossary we take them to the tracker.
20:50:21 [Manfred_DERI]
I think the Wiki is easier
20:50:37 [Bermudez_Luis]
John: Suggestion: pursue wiki definitions. Need to come to an agreement about concepts and specific terms
20:50:37 [krp]
Where changes are: term modifications, or term removals
20:50:45 [Manfred_DERI]
20:50:50 [laurent_oz]
20:50:54 [Bermudez_Luis]
20:53:19 [kerry]
ack krp
20:53:29 [Bermudez_Luis]
kerry:have an editor to apply changes.. comments in the wiki...
20:53:37 [kerry]
ack Manfred_DERI
20:53:49 [laurent_oz]
Use cases review points to "categories" : need to split also the terms defs
20:53:49 [laurent_oz]
SWE terms corresponds to the Sensor/Observations (Observatories) not necessary to Semantic Sensor Networks and Grids
20:53:57 [kerry]
ack laurent_oz
20:54:05 [Bermudez_Luis]
Manfred_DERI: wiki +
20:54:22 [graybeal]
+1 on having an editor be the coordinator of the process of developing definitions
20:54:42 [laurent_oz]
20:54:47 [kerry]
ack Bermudez_Luis
20:54:56 [graybeal]
any process is OK, but it is important to have an editor to align everyone's process
20:55:26 [Manfred_DERI]
20:55:56 [kerry]
ack Manfred_DERI
20:55:59 [graybeal]
having the editor specify the process: +1
20:56:01 [Bermudez_Luis]
kerry: need to find out who is the editor..
20:56:28 [Manfred_DERI]
20:56:42 [Bermudez_Luis]
Manfred_DERI: Proposing Luis...
20:57:18 [Bermudez_Luis]
kerry: This person will be organizing the process etc..
20:57:46 [krp]
Well, O&M and SensorML
20:58:47 [krp]
So I could do it if Luis doesn't want to (though the next two weeks aren't good!)
21:00:07 [michael]
21:00:11 [Manfred_DERI]
21:00:12 [Bermudez_Luis]
kerry: vote Luis role as editor of the glossar of terms and developed the process through the wiki and comming with issues to the meeting
21:00:12 [krp]
21:00:27 [kerry]
21:00:28 [Payam]
21:00:28 [laurent_oz]
+1 with kevin as co-editor?
21:00:43 [graybeal]
21:00:50 [Bermudez_Luis]
+1 for Kevin as co-editor
21:01:00 [Manfred_DERI]
+1 for Kevin as co-editor
21:01:18 [Arthur]
21:02:06 [Bermudez_Luis]
ACTION; Luis and Kevin editors of the glossary and will start the process of moving it forward
21:02:09 [laurent_oz]
Kevin do you want me to do the use case you were lined up against with Oscar?
21:02:38 [Bermudez_Luis]
Topic: xg deliverables & extension
21:03:10 [krp]
laurent_oz: Feel free to start on something. We're really run off our feet at the moment (as expected), so I haven't even had the chance to discuss it with Oscar yet.
21:04:42 [Bermudez_Luis]
kerry: Not straightforward. Need to do draft report
21:05:02 [Bermudez_Luis]
... deliverable onotology on March..
21:06:15 [laurent_oz]
21:06:35 [Bermudez_Luis]
... we have progress on markup.. not clear on semantic annotation progress
21:06:48 [kerry]
ack laurent_oz
21:07:25 [Bermudez_Luis]
laurent_oz: activity presented at the OGC meeting at the U Munster related to the markup task
21:08:20 [Zakim]
- +1.650.450.aacc
21:09:09 [Bermudez_Luis]
kerry: next meeting is next week
21:09:36 [krp]
Advance apologies, I very much doubt I can make next week.
21:09:45 [michael]
21:09:49 [Zakim]
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thank you, bye
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21:10:26 [Zakim]
21:10:26 [Zakim]
INC_SSN()3:00PM has ended
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Attendees were +, Payam, [IPcaller], Arthur, krp, +1.202.408.aabb, Prateek, +1.650.450.aacc, michael
21:10:30 [Bermudez_Luis]
21:10:35 [kerry]
zakim, bye
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ACTION: Michael: make changes to ontology [1]
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ACTION: Michael: make changes to ontology close issue 1 [2]
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ACTION: Luis: separate Issue 2 in 3 issues [3]
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