06 Jul 2010


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Payam, michael, laurent_lefort_cs, +1.202.408.aaaa, Arthur, +44.190.865.aabb, Andriy, krzysztof_j, krp
Kerry, Sumita, Cory, David


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<laurent_lefort_cs> ScribeNick: arthur

What happens after the XG

<krzysztof_j> yes

round table with everyone to see how we are going to use/maintain the SSN ontology further

<laurent_lefort_cs> Andriy : It is important to put it somewhere. My project has different

<laurent_lefort_cs> K: Sourceforge rather than W3C - because it would open

<krzysztof_j> summary: put it online at sourceforge, make it available, use the sourceforge infrastructure, continue to work on it and keep it alive)

<krzysztof_j> laurent: yes, you are right, not everybody - but the people who are responsible

<krzysztof_j> ack

<krzysztof_j> +1

Luis: It is imortant to maintain the ontolgy further and to have a maintainer

<krp> ok, thanks

Laurent: It can be continued it by using the mailing list, which will stay open

<krzysztof_j> +q

Somebody proposed to use sourceforge

<Luis_Bermudez> +q

<krzysztof_j> ack

Laurent: opening the group to more people to benefit of the W3C groups work

<krzysztof_j> I agree with luis!

<krzysztof_j> (we can still have release managers responsible for the stable versions)

Laurent: stability and closeness to other organisations (OGC,...) is ipmortant

<Luis_Bermudez> +q

Laurent: Is there some community to maintain the different use cases in the future?

<krzysztof_j> me

<Payam> +1

<michael> me

<Luis_Bermudez> +q

<krzysztof_j> -Q

<krp> +q

<krzysztof_j> (@arthur: the ontology as such should be free of a use case, these should be added on the level of application ontologies)

<michael> +q

<krzysztof_j> ack!

Laurent: shall the ontology be freezed at the end of the SSNXG and the further developenent continued somewhere else?

Michael: need some kind of checkpointing/versioning of the ontology

<krzysztof_j> (for instance, I am not a W3C member)

Laurent: How and where to host the further developement?

<krp> +q

<krzysztof_j> ack

<krp> that is, after a transition period

<krp> where the XG deliverable version lives, or where following versions live?

<krp> (won't the deliverable version be perfect anyway? :) )

Laurent: How many people here are going to continue working on the ontology?

<Luis_Bermudez> +1

<Luis_Bermudez> +q

<krp> So do you mean dissemination activities to other bodies like OGC?

<krzysztof_j> (the OGC is aware of our work)

<krp> Or input on incorporating the ontology into future OGC standard?

<Luis_Bermudez> +q

<krp> -q

<krp> oh, sorry, geosparql

Luis: Shall we provide SPARQL kind of interface to the SSN ontology to open the work to the OGC?

Arthur: what possibilities do exist to keep maintaning of the SSN ontolgy inside the W3C?

Laurent: 1st possibility: continue developement inside a working group

<krzysztof_j> +q

<Luis_Bermudez> +q

Laurent: 2nd possibility: ontology being maintained by an external party, which complies with the protocols of the W3C. The ontolgy would still be hosted by the W3C.

<krp> +1 - build the experience and momentum, then take it for further standardisation if desired

<krzysztof_j> hmm, 99,999% of the SW is not OGC but very interested in the semantic sensor web

<krp> +q

<krp> -q

krzystof_j: Doesn't want to take the developement of the ontolgy out of W3C, but make it more open also for non W3C people to participate in the work.

<krp> and there are other people working with sensors in the lab here affiliated in with other projects, who are potential users of the ontology

<krp> (I think the line has dropped for me - ok for everyone else?)

<michael> fine fore me

<Payam> fine for me also- I use Skype

<michael> +q

<michael> -q

<krzysztof_j> -q

<krp> Line dropped, and now can't get into conference room as we're over time.

<krzysztof_j> thanks laurent, by

<krzysztof_j> e

<Payam> thanks and bye

<michael> bye

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