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The charter period of this Working Group ended in January 2004. Technical discussion of the Web Services Architecture still takes place on the www-ws-arch public mailing list.

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Published Documents

Supporting documents:

Earlier publications

Issues list

The Working Group has maintained an issues list. The process used to administer the issues list is documented in the Web Services Architecture Issues Process.

Editors' copies (out of date)

Latest versions

For the very latest changes on the documents, please see the Working Group's CVS area:

See also the editorial to-do list.

Previous versions

Task forces proposals

This section gathers proposals that have been made by task forces that the Working Group created. These proposals do not necessarily represent consensus of the Working Group.

Management task force
MTF output
Draft of Management Concern Section (2002-11-11)
Draft of proposals for details for the requester, provider and discovery agencies roles (2002-11-11)
Draft of proposal for lifecycle and state for Web services (2002-11-11)
Web Services Endpoint Management Architecture Requirements Draft (2003-02-28)
Security task force
Proposal for a security section (2003-04-24)

Discussion lists

Technical discussions of the Web Services Architecture take place on the public www-ws-arch@w3.org mailing list:

In order to subscribe to the www-ws-arch mailing list, please check the subscription procedure.

Administrative issues were discussed on the Member only mailing list w3c-ws-arch. See the administrative page (Member only) for more details.

Both mailing lists use the archive approval system.

Task force mailing lists (closed)

Meeting records

Meetings in 2004:

Meetings in 2003:

Meetings in 2002:

Working Group Participants

The Web Services Architecture Working Group was composed of:

List of Working Group participants
Name Organization IPR claims
Geoff Arnold Sun Microsystems, Inc. no
Mukund Balasubramanian Infravio, Inc. no
Mike Ballantyne EDS no
Abbie Barbir Nortel Networks no
David Booth W3C no
Mike Brumbelow Apple no
Doug Bunting Sun Microsystems, Inc. no
Greg Carpenter Nokia incomplete disclosure (see Nokia's declaration)
Tom Carroll W. W. Grainger, Inc. no
Alex Cheng Ipedo no
Michael Champion Software AG no (see Mike's declaration)
Martin Chapman Oracle Corporation no
Ugo Corda SeeBeyond Technology Corporation no
Roger Cutler ChevronTexaco no
Jonathan Dale Fujitsu no
Suresh Damodaran Sterling Commerce(SBC) no
James Davenport MITRE Corporation no
Paul Denning MITRE Corporation no
Gerald Edgar The Boeing Company no
Shishir Garg France Telecom no
Hugo Haas W3C no
Hao He The Thomson Corporation no
Dave Hollander Contivo no (see Dave's declaration)
Yin-Leng Husband Hewlett-Packard Company yes (RF) (see Hewlett-Packard's declaration)
Mario Jeckle DaimlerChrysler Research and Technology no
Heather Kreger IBM no
Sandeep Kumar Cisco Systems Inc no
Hal Lockhart OASIS no
Michael Mahan Nokia incomplete disclosure (see Nokia's declaration)
Francis McCabe Fujitsu no
Michael Mealling VeriSign, Inc. no
Jeff Mischkinsky Oracle Corporation no
Eric Newcomer IONA no
Mark Nottingham BEA Systems no
David Orchard BEA Systems no
Bijan Parsia MIND Lab no
Adinarayana Sakala IONA no
Waqar Sadiq EDS no
Igor Sedukhin Computer Associates no
Hans-Peter Steiert DaimlerChrysler Research and Technology no
Katia Sycara Carnegie Mellon University no (see Katya's declaration)
Bryan Thompson Hicks & Associates, Inc. no
Sinisa Zimek SAP no

Previous members of the Working Group were: Assaf Arkin (Intalio, Inc.), Daniel Austin (W. W. Grainger, Inc.), Mark Baker (Idokorro Mobile, Inc. / Planetfred, Inc.), Tom Bradford (XQRL, Inc.), Allen Brown (Microsoft Corporation), Dipto Chakravarty (Artesia Technologies), Jun Chen (MartSoft Corp.), Alan Davies (SeeBeyond Technology Corporation), Glen Daniels (Macromedia), Ayse Dilber (AT&T), Zulah Eckert (Hewlett-Packard Company), Colleen Evans (Sonic Software), Chris Ferris (IBM), Daniela Florescu (XQRL Inc.), Sharad Garg (Intel), Mark Hapner (Sun Microsystems, Inc.), Joseph Hui (Exodus/Digital Island), Michael Hui (Computer Associates), Nigel Hutchison (Software AG), Marcel Jemio (DISA), Mark Jones (AT&T), Timothy Jones (CrossWeave, Inc.), Tom Jordahl (Macromedia), Jim Knutson (IBM), Steve Lind (AT&T), Mark Little (Arjuna), Bob Lojek (Intalio, Inc.), Anne Thomas Manes (Systinet), Jens Meinkoehn (T-Nova Deutsche Telekom Innovationsgesellschaft), Nilo Mitra (Ericsson), Don Mullen (TIBCO Software, Inc.), Himagiri Mukkamala (Sybase, Inc.), Joel Munter (Intel), Henrik Frystyk Nielsen (Microsoft Corporation), Duane Nickull (XML Global Technologies), David Noor (Rogue Wave Software), Srinivas Pandrangi (Ipedo), Kevin Perkins (Compaq), Mark Potts (Talking Blocks, Inc.), Fabio Riccardi (XQRL, Inc.), Don Robertson (Documentum), Darran Rolls (Waveset Technologies, Inc.), Krishna Sankar (Cisco Systems Inc), Jim Shur (Rogue Wave Software), Patrick Thompson (Rogue Wave Software), Steve Vinoski (IONA), Scott Vorthmann (TIBCO Software, Inc.), Jim Webber (Arjuna), Prasad Yendluri (webMethods, Inc.), Jin Yu (MartSoft Corp.) .

List for the roll call and for the acknowledgments section of the specifications.

Patent disclosures

Please refer to the Web Services Architecture Working Group patent disclosures document.

Related Resources

The following is suggested background reading:

See also the documents produced by the TAG and their homework section.

Mike Champion <Mike.Champion@SoftwareAG-USA.com> and Dave Hollander <dmh@contivo.com>, Chairs
Hugo Haas <hugo@w3.org> and David Booth <dbooth@w3.org>, W3C Team Contacts
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