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Hugo Haas

I left the W3C Team in June 2006. Please visit my personal home page if you would like to contact me.

The information below is therefore out-of-date.

Picture of Hugo Haas dated 2002-05-30

I am W3C's Web Services Activity Lead, i.e. I am in charge of the standardization of Web services technologies at W3C.

I have worked on the design of SOAP 1.2, and now work on WSDL 2.0 and WS-Addressing 1.0.

My other functions other than Web Services Activity Lead are:

Previously, I have worked as a Team contact for the XML Protocol Working Group, from October 2000 until March 2002, and for the Web Services Architecture Working Group from January 2002 until February 2004. Before that, I was part of the Systems Team: I was the W3C Webmaster from June 1999 until October 2000.

I wrote the second version of the W3C Link Checker, but no longer maintain it. Please refer to the W3C Link Checker documentation.

A more complete biography is available on the W3C People page.

Contact information

Press: if you are a journalist, please see the W3C press contact information for details.

Other contact information has been removed (read why).

Where am I based?

After having worked from June 1999 until August 2002 in building NE43 of MIT's Laboratory for Computer Science, I am now based in Paris, France, working for ERCIM since January 2003, after having worked for INRIA.

Useful pointer: Paris's time zone information.


Upcoming presentations

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Past presentations

Check also the complete list of W3C presentations.


Below is a list of documents that I have (co-)authored outside of the work of a Working Group:

I have also been an editor of a number of specifications.

Outside work

I also try to have a life outside W3C. If you want to know what I do when I am not in front of a computer, visit my personal site.

Hugo Haas <hugo@w3.org>
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