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The aim of this Semantic Web Best Practices and Deployment (SWBPD) Working Group is to provide hands-on support for developers of Semantic Web applications. With the publication of the revised RDF and the new OWL specification we expect a large number of new application developers. Some evidence of this could be seen at the last International Semantic Web Conference in Florida, which featured a wide range of applications, including 10 submissions to the Semantic Web Challenge. This working group will help application developers by providing them with "best practices" in various forms, ranging from engineering guidelines, ontology / vocabulary repositories to educational material and demo applications.

The group maintains a list of Semantic Web applications and demos for promoting the Semantic Web and for use by developers. More information about the rules for inclusion and how to get your application in the list is available.

Current Events/Documents

Best Practice and Deployment Documents

When a document is published, it will contain information on where feedback should be sent. Public comments on the work of this Working Group may be sent to the WG mailing list, public-swbp-wg@w3.org. Please start the subject line of such a message with the string "comment:".

This area to grow as the Working Group produces documents.

Working Group Notes

Working Drafts

Indexes and Collections

Applications and Demos Weblog
A weblog for the SWAD-Europe project, tracking work in progress and events and items of interest, including a list of applications and demos.
DOAP (Description of a Project) Bulletin Board
A place to link DOAP Descriptions for applications and demos that themselves concern the Semantic Web.
Semantic Web Tutorials
A collection of Semantic Web tutorial resources.

Other Editor's Drafts

Ontology Engineering Patterns
Porting Thesauri
RDF/Topic Maps Interoperability
Software Engineering
Vocabulary Management

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Task Forces

The following task forces are in progress:

ADTF - Applications and Demos
description | search archive
Coordinators: Libby Miller, Brian McBride
Nearby: SWAD-Europe Applications and Demos Weblog
HTML - Embedding RDF in HTML
description | archives
Coordinator: Ben Adida
MM - Multimedia Annotation
description | search archive
Coordinators: Giorgos Stamou, Jacco van Ossenbruggen, Jeff Z. Pan
OEP - Ontology Engineering and Patterns
description | search archive
Coordinators: Chris Welty and Deb McGuinness
PORT - Porting Thesaurii to RDF and OWL
description | TF archive | search WG archive
Coordinator: Alistair Miles
RDFTM - RDF/Topic Maps Interoperability
description | search archive
Coordinator: Steve Pepper
SE - Software Engineering
description | search archive
Coordinator: Phil Tetlow & Jeff Z. Pan
VM - Vocabulary Management
description | search archive
Coordinator: Tom Baker
description | search archive
Coordinator: Aldo Gangemi

The following task forces have completed their deliverable(s) and are no longer convening:

XSCH - XML Schema Datatypes
description | search archive
Coordinator: Jeremey Carroll & (open - XML Schema WG)

The following task forces are on hold:

WRLD - World View
description | search archive
Coordinator: Jim Hendler

Other task forces that have expressions of interest from WG members include:


initially from the charter; changes to be negotiated with the relevant parties via the SemWeb CG:

This Working Group is chartered for a duration of 20 months, through 31 January 2006. The kick-off meeting was held on March 4-5 2004 at the W3C Tech Plenary in Cannes.

The Working Group will initiate task forces for producing Working Group notes. These task forces will typically operate in the following way:


To join this working group, review the charter etc. and have your Advisory Committee representative nominate you using the form from the CFP (member-confidential). If you are not affiliated with a W3C member organization but you feel you have expertise not currently represented in the group that you would like to contribute, contact the chairs.

Then, if you like, introduce yourself to the group with a short bio and and what you have to contribute, as well as what you hope to get from the group.

As of 2006-07-11T13:14:41Z the following participation appointments have been received from the respective Advisory Committee representatives:

ResponderSelected representative
Mondeca Bernard Vatant
Hewlett Packard Company Brian McBride, Jeremy Carroll, David Booth
Agfa-Gevaert N. V. Jos De Roo
Center for Mathematics and Computer Science (CWI) Jacco van Ossenbruggen, Raphael Troncy
CNR--Instituto Elaborazione dell'Informazione Aldo Gangemi, Nicola Guarino
Maryland Information and Network Dynamics Lab at the University of Maryland Christian Halaschek-Wiener, David Wood
Stanford University Deborah McGuinness, Natasha Noy
Bristol, University of
Asemantics S.R.L. Libby Miller
International Webmasters Association / HTML Writers Guild (IWA-HWG) Pasquale Popolizio
Vodafone Group Services Limited
Athena Information Technology (AIT) Thanassis Tiropanis
Institut National de Recherche en Informatique et en Automatique Fabien Gandon, Benjamin Nguyen
Ibrow Guus Schreiber (co-Chair)
Council for the Central Laboratory of the Research Councils (CCL) Alistair Miles
Fraunhofer Gesellschaft
America Online (AOL)
National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Evan Wallace
Southampton, University of Nicholas Gibbins
Boeing Company Michael Uschold
W3C Team Ralph Swick (Team contact)
Network Inference Gary Ng, Jeff Pollock
Free University of Bozen-Bolzano Enrico Franconi, Sergio Tessaris
Creative Commons Ben Adida
(invited expert) Patrick Hayes
Digital Enterprise Research Institute Andreas Harth
Ontopia SA Steve Pepper, Lars Marius Garshol
McDonald Bradley Darren Govoni
IBM Grady Booch, Philip Tetlow, Elias Torres, Chris Welty
University of Manchester Alan Rector, Holger Knublauch
University of Bologna Nicola Gessa, Marco Pirruccio, Valentina Presutti, Fabio Vitali
Internet Association Japan Noboru Shimizu
Adobe Systems
FZI Daniel Oberle
Sandpiper Software, Inc. Elisa Kendall
France Telecom Alain Leger, Marco Nanni
USC/ISI Jerry Hobbs, Feng Pan
IVML, National Technical University of Athens Nikolaos Simou, Giorgos Stamou, Giorgos Stoilos, Vassilis Tzouvaras
Institut fuer wissenschaftliche Information Thomas Baker
FSTC Rachel Yager
CDAC v n shukla
Vrije Universiteit Mark van Assem
Language and Computing, nv Christoffel Dhaen
University of Aberdeen, Computing Science Jeff Pan
(invited expert) Chris Menzel
IIT, NCSR Vangelis Karkaletsis, Pantelis Nasikas, Konstantinos Stamatakis
Chinese Academy of Sciences
Society for Technocal Communication Alan Gaynor

see also: DBWG details for this group (Member-only).


The Best Practices and Deployment WG charter delegates a portion of work from the W3C Membership as a whole to this group. The events below lead up to the creation of this group, and chart our progress:

Background References

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Ralph Swick, WG Team Contact
Guus Schreiber, co-Chair
David Wood, co-Chair
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