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RDF in XHTML Taskforce

NOTE: The RDFa Task Force has transitioned to the Semantic Web Deployment Working Group, and all up-to-date information about RDFa can be found at the task force web page and on the RDFa Info Page.
Ben Adida, Creative Commons

The RDF in XHTML Task Force is chartered under the Semantic Web Deployment Working Group and the XHTML2 Working Group.

Tentative Schedule

See the SWD WG deliverables wiki.


The RDFa Bookmarklets show what RDFa can do.

See RDFa implementations wiki.

You can also download a TAR gzip'ed directory of the bookmarklets (2006-05-22) that you can drop into any static web directory, in particular if you'd like to demo these on a local machine. (Note that you will need a local web server running, as browser security restrictions prevent the sourcing of a file:/// URL in a Javascript SCRIPT.)


See RDFa wiki.

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