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Ontology Engineering and Patterns Task Force (OEP)

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The aim of this task force is to provide guidance for developers of Semantic Web applications. In particular, we focus on the engineering of semantic web ontologies, through the publication of notes that document common and reusable ontology patterns, and general ontology engineering best practices.

Published Notes

These W3C notes are in their final and published form.

Working Drafts

These W3C Working Drafts have been formally reviewed by the SWBPD WG in one form or another, though the editor's drafts may represent significant changes from the last reviewed WD.

Editor's Drafts

These editor's drafts are undergoing or awaiting review by the WG.

Planned Notes

These are notes that do not have a first draft, but have a volunteer as editor, and are therefore expected to become notes.

Suggested Note Topics

These are topics for OEP notes that have been suggested, and are considered useful by the task force, but do not yet have a volunteer as editor.

Scheduled telecons

The Task Force meets on alternate Mondays at 1800 UTC. This is the same slot as the Working Group telecon but on the alternate weeks: 30 Jan, 13 Feb, 27 Feb, 13 Mar, 27 Mar, 10 Apr, 24 Apr.

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To join this task force, working group members simply contact one of the TF coordinators.

The OEP Task Force members are:

ResponderSelected representative
CNR--Instituto Elaborazione dell'Informazione Aldo Gangemi, Nicola Guarino
Sandpiper Software Elisa Kendall
Stanford University Deborah McGuinness (co-coordinator), Natasha Noy
Ibrow Guus Schreiber (ex-officio)
National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Evan Wallace
Boeing Company Michael Uschold
Tucana Technologies David Wood (ex-officio)
(invited expert) Patrick Hayes
IBM Chris Welty (co-coordinator)
University of Manchester Alan Rector

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Ralph Swick, WG Team Contact
Chris Welty, co-Coordinator
Deborah McGuinness, co-Coordinator
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