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This index is still a work in progress. It doesn't yet point to all resources on the site. The content will also continually grow and change as resources are added to the site.

W3C I18N Techniques: Authoring XHTML & HTML

Markup & text

This page lists links to resources on the W3C Internationalization Activity site and elsewhere that help you perform particular tasks. It is a subpage of the techniques index.

Working with composite strings and string re-use

Best practises
How to's
Other references

Using ruby

How to's
  • Overview of the Ruby Annotation specification (in W3C tutorial, Ruby Markup and Styling)

  • Introduction to styling ruby with CSS3 Ruby Module (in W3C tutorial, Ruby Markup and Styling).

Background reading
  • What is 'ruby'? (W3C article)

  • Useful information about ruby in general (Ken Lunde's book, CJKV Information Processing, ISBN 1-56592-224-7, especially chapters 6 and 7)

Other references
Test data
  • W3C test pages

  • Description of support for ruby markup and styling in browsers (in W3C tutorial, Ruby Markup and Styling)

Contact: Richard Ishida (ishida@w3.org).

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