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HTML5 Accessibility

This section of the ESW wiki is dedicated to HTML5 from an accessibility standpoint.

It is a directory to HTML5 accessibility meetings, reviews, processes, bugs, issues, proposals, and related resources from 2007 to date.

Much of this content is expected to be migrated to the HTML Accessibility Task Force Wiki Space over time.




Process for Bugs and Issues

The HTML Working Group Decision Policy Document explains the process of submitting HTML Bugs and escalating Bugs to Issues. The deadline to comment on the decision making process proposal was Tuesday, November 10, 2009.

Bug Process

Bugs initially record a problem, and are given an initial disposition by the editor of the spec.

Escalating a Bug to an Issue

According to the HTML Working Group Decision Policy, bugs that are not satisfactory resolved can be escalated to the HTML WG Issue Tracker. Tracker Issues "record that an editor's resolution was not satisfactory, and so the full Working Group must address the issue."

Recourse For a Dissatisfied Bug Reporter

If a bug reporter is dissatisfied with the bug resolution and does not believe it is productive to ask the editor to reconsider, he or she may ask to escalate the issue to the issue tracker.

A dissatisfied bug reporter:

  • With Tracker access can raise an Issue directly.
  • Without Tracker access should:
    1. Add the keyword [[TrackerRequest]] to the bug.
    2. Suggest an issue title.
    3. Suggest an issue description.
    4. As previously explained in the process to submit HTML accessibility Bugzilla bugs, if it is an accessibility bug make sure you have:
      1. Added the Keyword a11y .
      2. Added the address to the cc field.


Issues by State

Tracker issues have various states and actions.

A raised issue means that a working group member suggests this is worth a WG discussion and potentially a decision, but to date no concrete proposal has been created that enjoys a consensus of at least one.

An open issue means that least one concrete proposal is being made to resolve the problem, but one on which consensus has either not been evaluated, or has not yet been reached; a working group member is assigned an ACTION to follow up (similar to ASSIGNED). An action is the process of doing something in order to resolve or help resolve an ISSUE. (An ACTION generates a potential resolution to an ISSUE, or helps solve it e.g. by writing a change proposal.)

Change Proposals

According to the HTML Working Group Decision Policy, Open Tracker Issues are issues with someone working on a change proposal. If the change proposal is not done by the deadline, the issue will be closed without prejudice and deferred to the next version of HTML. The default deadline to complete a Change Proposal is one month from the time someone volunteers. The chairs may grant a longer deadline for complex issues on request."

A closed issue means that the chairs believe either the WG has resolved the issue (via spec editing) or the issue has been withdrawn. Only the chairs should move issues to 'closed'. Typically moving issues from PENDINGREVIEW to CLOSED will involve review in the weekly telecon. According to the HTML Working Group Decision Policy, Tracker Issues that are Closed without Prejudice become an endpoint for the escalation process.

Visit the HTML Working Group Issues page for more information definitions of tracker states.

Issues by Topic


AUDIO and VIDEO (Multimedia)


Drag and Drop

Equivalent Content for Static Images (@alt, Longdesc, etc.)


Please also consult PF's Forms in HTML5: Issues & Requirements Index

Forms Possibilities/Competing Drafts

Forms Feedback, Requirements, and Issues




@axis and @abbr




Layout Tables

title Attribute

General and Meta-Issues

Added, Changed, and Deprecated Attributes

Added Attributes

Changed Attributes

Dropped Attributes

Related Issue Information


HTML Accessibility Task Force Change Proposals

  • To be determined.

PFWG Proposals

Note: The following Proposals Are Under Consideration by the PFWG, but carry no endorsement by the PFWG

HTML WG Proposals Related to WAI Issues

General Accessibility Proposals

alt Attribute Authoring Guidelines and Examples

IMG Spec Text


Table headers

Table summary


HTML5-Specific Resources

Task Forces (Accessibility Specific and Related)

Accessibility Task Force

ARIA User Agent Implementation Task Force

Forms Task Force

Testing Task Force