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SVG in the HTML5 Editor's Draft (19 September 2008)

4.8.16 SVG

The svg element from the SVG namespace falls into the embedded content category for the purposes of the content models in this specification.

To enable authors to use SVG tools that only accept SVG in its XML form, interactive HTML user agents are encouraged to provide a way to export any SVG fragment as a namespace-well-formed XML fragment.


Related HTML WG Issues & Actions

  • SVG in text/html (HTML WG wiki page)
    • "This is a first draft to summarize some issues that need to be solved for SVG in text/html. It's broken down into bulleted lists for future expansion into prose. This is very incomplete, and any additions are welcome. The first draft was the result of brainstorming by the SVG WG, and was composed with an attempt not to solve issues, but to raise them in an impartial analysis; no undue significance should be placed on categorizing options and points as "pros and cons", as that is only informed opinion."