The Protocols and Formats Working Group is no longer chartered to operate. Its work will continue in two new Working Groups:

  • Accessible Platform Architectures, to review specifications, develop technical support materials, collaborate with other Working Groups on technology accessibility, and coordinate harmonized accessibility strategies within W3C; and
  • Accessible Rich Internet Applications, to continue development of the Accessible Rich Internet Applications (WAI-ARIA) suite of technologies and other technical specifications when needed to bridge known gaps.

Resources from the PFWG remain available to support long-term institutional memory, but this information is of historical value only.

This Wiki page was edited by participants of the Protocols and Formats Working Group. It does not necessarily represent consensus and it may have incorrect information or information that is not supported by other Working Group participants, WAI, or W3C. It may also have some very useful information.

HTML Task Force

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Please see the work statement for this task force.

This is a wiki resource for the HTML Accessibility Task Force, to discuss issues, develop spec language, and index resources. Please attach the tag [[Category: HTML5]] at the top of each page relevant to this task force, to help keep them organized.

Much content has been developed in the ESW wiki. That wiki is no longer supported, and content is expected to be migrated over time. A separate wiki instance is being set up for this task force, editable by any member of the task force. Content from the ESW wiki and the small amount of content in the PF wiki should be migrated to the new wiki when it comes available.

HTML 5 Spec Review