ISSUE-57: [dup of 20] @headers

[dup] headers

[dup of 20] @headers

HTML 5 spec
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Joshue O Connor
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The current wording for the headers attribute only allows the space separated token values to reference the id attribute of a header cell(th). It states

"The headers attribute, if specified, must contain a string consisting of an unordered set of unique space-separated tokens, each of which must have the value of an ID of a th element ..."

As hierarchical headers are not allowed in HTML5, this means that conceptual headers (cells that contain data and have their own header,but act as a header for other cells in the table) must be marked up as a td. As these cells are conceptually headings, the headers attribute should be able to reference the id attribute of these cells.

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Related notes:

It is worth noting that ISSUE-20 and ISSUE-57 have considerable overlap.. you may need to bounce around between these two issue's mailing list discussion to get a complete picture.

Shawn Medero, 17 Jul 2008, 17:11:37

@Shawn: Noted, thanks.

Joshue O Connor, 18 Jul 2008, 08:46:12

this is a dup of ISSUE-20 table-headers

Dan Connolly, 21 Aug 2008, 16:43:23

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