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Name Nicknames
Glenn Adams gasubic, glenn
Adrian Bateman adrianba
Michael Cooper MichaelC, MNC
Erika Doyle Navara edoyle
Steve Faulkner stevef
James Graham
Ian Hickson hixie
Lachlan Hunt Lachy
Kris Krueger krisk
Philippe Le Hégaret plh
Larry Masinter
Matthew May
Shawn Medero smedero
Ben Millard
Jay Munro
Joshue O Connor Josh
Theresa O'Connor hober, ted
Frank Olivier
Julian Reschke
Gregory Rosmaita GJR, oeddie, oedipus
Sam Ruby rubys
Mark Sadecki Mark, MarkS, Mark_Sadecki, msadecki
Janina Sajka
Doug Schepers doug, schepers, shepazu
David Singer dsinger, dsinger2
Henri Sivonen
Michael[tm] Smith billyjack, mike , Mike5, MikeSmith, tm
Manu Sporny manu, manu-work, manu1, manu_
Maciej Stachowiak mjs
Everett Zufelt

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