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This wiki includes information and links to resources that may be of interest to new members of the W3C's Advisory Committee (AC).

Additional information for Members is available in the Member home page and specifically for new AC reps, see the Team's Advice for New AC Reps.

Some of these resources are public; others require a Member account.

AC Reps, W3C Staff, All: please feel free to Create (e.g. add new pages), Update, and Delete information in this document as well as its document subtree!

W3C Groups

Advisory Committee

  • AC Directory; contains a list of every AC member including the AC rep's name, e-mail address and phone number
  • AC Rep Introductions; contains links to introductions by new AC reps and/or new Consortium Members. All new AC reps and new Consortium members are strongly encouraged to send an introduction to the AC Forum mail list (archive).
  • Group Participants per Member; for each W3C Member you can get a list of the groups they formally participate. (Although most of the data is accurate, some of the data is out of date e.g. includes workshop Program Committees that are no longer active).
  • How to Create a W3C Member Account; AC reps can use this service to create a Member account for others. Alternatively, interested members can use the form directly. AC reps will get a confirmation email when any new member is approved.
  • Voting and Open Questionnaires; periodically, AC reps will be asked to provide advice on various proposals such as Should WG X be started?. The My Questionnaires service is the entry point for providing advice and this service includes a history of all of the questionnaires previously submitted.
  • Accounts per Member; AC reps can get a list of all of their employees' accounts, including a way to delete accounts (for example if some employees have left the company). Employees can request an account.
  • Member Admin




See: AdvisoryCommittee#Meetings


  • AC Mail List Archives - two mail lists are dedicated to AC reps and both lists have a archive:
    • w3c-ac-members - used by W3C staff (aka The Team) as a formal communication channel to AC reps; AC reps cannot send e-mails to this list.
    • w3c-ac-forum - this list has several uses including: AC reps use it to communicate with each other; AC reps use it to communicate to the W3C Staff; W3C staff make some informal announcements to AC reps.
  • Public Mail Lists
    • public-new-work - this self-subscribe-able and archived mail list is used to announce all proposed new work (for example Working Group and Interest Group charters) including new Community Group proposals.
    • public-w3process - this Public list is used for discussions about the Consortium's various processes
    • public-openw3c - this Public list is used by non-Members to provide feedback to the Consortium on non-technical subjects such as how to participate in the Consortium, priorities, etc. The list is also used by Members to help educate the Public about the Consortium's various open activities and to seek feedback from non-Members regarding how to improve the Consortium's openness and transparency.
  • Audit Mailing Lists

Financial Data

Note: most, if not all of these documents are only readable by Consortium Members.

Calls for AC Rep Input and Feedback

Some AC reps are keen to see improvements in various W3C processes and services. All AC reps are strongly encouraged to provide input on such improvements and to help drive positive changes. Here are some of the activities that need AC rep input:

  • Advisory Board Structure - an initiative to change the Advisory Board structure so that it is more inclusive than a narrow 9-person board.
  • Events Process - an initiative to improve W3C's events processes (such as Workshops, Meetups, and Conferences) by refining the Problem Statement, defining Use Cases and Requirements, Identifying High Priority issues, etc.
  • Dashboards - many AC reps would like the W3C Staff to create various dashboards to facilitate internal communication and information sharing. This initiative is focused on refining the Use Cases and Requirements, Identifying the High Priority UCs, etc.
  • Evaluating New WG Proposals - when a new WG is proposed, a number of factors need to be considered when evaluating the proposal. This document enumerates various questions and considerations, best practices and recommendations regarding evaluating a proposal to start a new Working Group at the W3C.

Processes and Patent Policy

  • @@Todo: Overall process/patent policy guide/diagram. Ian Jacobs, 2012-06-01@@

W3C Staff

Advisory Board

Miscellaneous, General, ...

Miscellaneous Resources