Glossary of W3C Jargon

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abbr.Advisory Board.
abbr.Advisory Committee.
n. One of the formal areas of work of the W3C, as defined in the Process Document.
Advisory Board
n. A group of 9, elected by the Advisory Committee, with various responsibilities.
Advisory Committee
n. The group consisting of the "official representatives" of each W3C Member organization.
n. A software agent found on IRC channels. e.g. Zakim
n. A teleconference bridge. A device which connects multiple telephone lines for the purpose of holding meetings.
n. (1) A person designated by the Director who leads a Working Group. (2) The leader or moderator of any W3C gathering. (3) W3C Chair The person designated by the Process Document who holds some of the executive authority in the W3C. By tradition, the W3C Chair is mostly concerned with management issues. (This position is vacant at the present time.)v. To moderate a meeting.
n. Obsolete term now replaced by "Chair".
n. Communications, in the sense of communication with the public and Members. Primarily the responsibility of the Comm Team, a group within the W3C Team.
n. "Chief Operating Officer". A new executive position in W3C, responsible for operations and execution of the W3C Process.
Date Space
The part of the W3C Web Site for which the top level of the hierarchy after www.w3.org is a year number.
n. (1) The person designated by the Member Agreement who holds most executive authority in the W3C. By tradition, the Director is mostly concerned with technical issues. (2) Tim Berners-Lee.
n. A W3C Team member employed by a W3C Member organization, on loan to W3C. syn: Visiting Engineer.
abbr: Face to Face: A meeting held with most participants physically in the same room.
n. One of the sponsoring organizations of W3C, presently MIT, ERCIM and Keio. The part of the Team who are not Fellows are employed by or contracted to the Hosts.
abbr. Internationalization. The form <first letter><number><last letter> has come into common usage as a way of abbreviating single long words. Such words begin with the <first letter>, have <number> of letters in the middle, and end with the <last letter>. It has found favor with other words such as "modularization" (m12n), "localization" (l10n), etc. [Historical note: I18N was coined at Digital Equipment Corporation in the 1970s or 1980s.]
abbr: Internet Engineering Task Force, the standards group in charge of Internet protocols. They own HTTP and the lower level protocols.
n.Internet Relay Chat: A protocol [RFC 1459] for real-time text communication over the Internet, commonly used by the W3C for internal communications and to augment meetings.
abbr. Keio Asia/Pacific.
n. 1) hereditary treasurer; 2) the ALAN KOTOK AWARD FOR FISCAL CONSTRAINT; 3) astronomical unit of refrigeration. From TMRC Dictionary
Kotok's Calamity
n. Disaster which "be fell" the ARRC, clearing the way for the Windshield Wiper. From TMRC Dictionary
Kotok's Folly
See FOLLY I and FOLLY II. From TMRC Dictionary
Kotok Points
standard unit, n. The unit of coke bottle collection. From TMRC Dictionary
(1) Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (1807-1882), American poet, educator, and linguist, after whom a highway bridge linking Cambridge and Boston was named. (2) A now-retired W3C teleconference bridge with 24 line capacity.
n. (1) An organization (or, occasionally, individual) which has contracted through the Member Agreement to partake in the activities of the W3C. (2) A person employed by or otherwise designated by a Member (in sense 1) who participates in the activities of the W3C.
Member Submission
n. A technical document produced by W3C Members which was submitted to W3C meeting certain criteria, which is then published on the W3C Web Site in the Submissions area. Formerly, simply "Submission",
(1) The river separating Chelsea and Charlestown, MA. (2) The original name of the Tobin highway bridge. (3) A now-retired W3C teleconference bridge with 6 line capacity.
n. (1) A deprecated term, now split into Working Group Notes, Team Submissions and Member Submissions. (2) Formerly: a publication on the W3C Web Site, found in the "Technical Recommendations" area, which does NOT constitute a technical recommendation, but only work deemed worthy of publication.
n. An outpost of the W3C staffed and operated by a Member organization, under contract to W3C, which provides outreach in one or more designated countries.
v.(1) To officially release to the public a document on the W3C Web Site "Technical Recommendations" area. (2) To make any informal release of a document on the W3C Web Site.
abbr. Recommendation. Generally pronounced like "wreck". A W3C Recommendation.
A technical specification which has been endorsed by the W3C. Similar to what other standards organizations would call a "Standard".
s/<something>/<something else>/
abbr. v. Substitute. This shorthand has its origins in the UNIX text editor "vi". It means: substitute the most recent past instance of <something> with <something else>. This usage is commonly found on IRC.
n. A person designated to record and publish the proceedings of a meeting. v. To record and publish the proceedings of a meeting.
Short for Sophia-Antipolis, France, home site of W3C in Europe. Sophia-Antipolis is located near Nice. Not to be confused with Sofia, Bulgaria.
n. A group within the W3C Team responsible for technical operations of W3C computing infrastructure and Web Site. The public content of the Web Site is managed by the Comm Team.
abbr. Technical Architecture Group
n. The set of people consisting of W3C employees, contractors and Fellows. syn:staff.
Team Submission
n. The Team MAY request that the Director publish information at the W3C Web site. At the Director's discretion, these documents are published as "Team Submissions". These documents are analogous to Member Submissions (e.g., in expected scope). However, there is no additional Team comment. Team Submissions are not part of the Recommendation Track process.
Technical Architecture Group
n. A group of 9 people who work on various aspects of Web Architecture
Technical Report
n. A document "officially" published by W3C. Specifically includes documents on the Recommendation track and Notes. In the past, Submissions were considered Technical Reports.
(1) Maurice J. Tobin (1901-1953), Boston politician, after whom a highway bridge between Chelsea and Charlestown (MA) was named. (2) A now-retired W3C teleconference bridge with 18 line capacity.
n. The World Wide Web Consortium: An unincorporated entity created by contracts between the Hosts for the purpose of bringing the Web to its full potential. [Note. This abbreviation does not follow the formation rules of I18N.]
Woods Meeting
n. Generally, a strategic planning meeting, traditionally held "off site", typically a day or more in length. A special case of an FTF meeting. [Historical note: Coined at Digital Equipment Corporation in the 1960s to describe the meetings that President Ken Olsen held for senior management at his cabin in the woods in Maine.]
Working Group Note
n. A Working Group Note is published by a chartered Working Group to indicate that work has ended on a particular topic. A Working Group may publish a Working Group Note with or without its prior publication as a Working Draft.
(1) Leonard P. Zakim (1953-1999), Boston civil rights advocate, after whom a new highway bridge linking Boston and Charlestown was named. (2) A W3C teleconference bridge with 120 line capacity. 3. An IRC Bot which assists with meeting management.

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