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Chromatic fonts – implementation roundup

The implementation of SVG glyphs for OpenType in Firefox is well known. Recently however with the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, I noticed that Microsoft Edge 14 also now supports them!

Check to see what your browser supports!

Unfortunately, there is currently a scaling bug which makes each SVG glyph twice as big as it should be. But I am sure that will be fixed pretty soon. Compare these SVG glyphs vs. inline SVG, in Firefox and then in Edge 14.

A little digging reveals even better news – this isn’t an Edge-specific update. Instead DirectWrite and Direct2D have been updated to support SVG in OpenType (also the Google CBDT colored PNG glyphs and the Apple sbix colored raster format. (This is in addition to the existing COLR/CPAL support that has been there since Windows 8.1).

Amusingly, this means that Edge 14 has better support for the Google-originated CBDT fonts than Google Chrome itself has, due to a bug in the Chrome OpenType sanitizer which rejects CBDT fonts for not having a glyf table. This means that Chrome will currently only display CBDT fonts that are installed, not ones loaded by @font-face.

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