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Time to review initial proposals for support

The next release of is starting to take shape.

On the list of things for consideration is our  “Financial (FIBO) proposals for the core vocabulary” for containing the basic types and properties related to financial products.  This was officially proposed as Pull Request (#965) in the schemaorg repository.

I invite you to review this proposal an submit, hopefully supportive, comments against the Pull Request.  The more support this proposal gets, the more likely it is to be accepted, laying the foundation for future more detailed FIBO extension proposals.

An explanation of why you are supportive, and why it will improve the markup of financial resources, would be good.  However a simple +1 would also be helpful.

You can find the raw RDFa, a list of the proposed additions and changes, and examples listed in the wiki.  Also they are visible at the test version of the vocabulary.



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