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TPAC 2022 Breakout Report

Thanks to everyone who joined our well attended breakout session at TPAC 2022. About 75 people in total attended this inaugural meeting to discuss accessibility at the edge, accessibility overlays, and more. Our goal was to let people be heard, and … Continue reading

Invitation to Participate in the Accessibility at the Edge (A11YEdge) Community Group

If you’re generally interested in the application of edge technologies to enhance accessibility, or the topic of accessibility overlays, join our community group. Continue reading

Dobrodošli u W3C svijet!

Pozdrav svima! Croatian Web Developers Community Group je prva službena W3C zajednica developera u Hrvata. Stvaranje preduvjeta za rast i razvoj važan je korak za zahtjevne radne aktivnosti, događaje  i situacije koje se često događaju u našoj neposrednoj blizini. Ovdje … Continue reading

Call for Participation in Croatian Web Developers Community Group

The Croatian Web Developers Community Group has been launched: The mission of this group is to create and support a community of competent, internationally certified IT professionals focused on developing the IT Web and mobile based tools for Croatian Agriculture, … Continue reading

ORTC Draft Report Update

Updated ORTC CG Draft Report / API: http://ortc.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/ortc.html B.1 Changes since 01 March 2016 Added the gather() method, as noted in: Issue 165 Removed “public” from RTCIceGatherPolicy, as noted in: Issue 224 Removed the minQuality attribute, as noted in: Issue … Continue reading

ORTC CG Editors Draft Update – June 22 2015

Big thanks to everyone (especially Bernard) for putting in the extra work required here for our next CG meeting: Draft Community Group Report 22 June 2015 B.1 Changes since 7 May 2015 Addressed Philipp Hancke’s review comments, as noted in: Issue 198 … Continue reading