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Site visitors for example.com


The chart shows the website hits for the first quarter of 2014. It shows that Site 1 has more visitors than either of the other sites, but the number of visitors is decreasing. Site 2 has a fairly constant number of visitors, while for Site 3 page hits are increasing month on month.


Numerical values presented on the image:

2014 First Quarter visitors per site (in thousands)
Period Site 1 Site 2 Site 3
Jan 135 112 92
Feb 117 114 99
March 96 111 126
Qtr total 348 337 308


The bar chart represents both the number of visitors per month for each website, and the total number of visitors per website for the entire quarter. Website visitors for each month are represented using columns lined up horizontally, with heights indicating the number of visitors. A fourth column is provided for each website with the accumulated site visitors for the quarter.

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