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There is extensive work done in prior years that is important reference material explaining why design decisions in Silver were made. These links, including the links to the Silver Research project are here.

Silver Design Plan

Silver Stakeholders

Silver Research

The Silver Research on the structure of Silver is complete. We have not started active research projects on the content of Silver, although research projects are welcome.

Silver Research Archive - links to Research Results, original research questions, lists of projects, and planning materials

Silver Design Sprint

Silver Design Sprint Archive

Silver Requirements

Silver Requirements Archive

Silver Prototypes

This is a dense section with many different documents and proposals. Since we have largely completed the prototype work, this has been moved to the archive to keep the main page manageable.

Silver Prototype Archive

Proposals 2020-2021

September 2021 - The group is preparing to publish the Q3 2021 Working Draft. The new material in the working draft will include:

  • User Generated Content Conformance section and glossary definition. This improves the accessibility of user generated content by requiring platforms hosting user generated content to:
    • identify the user generated content,
    • identify the steps taken to improve accessibility of user generated content, and
    • meet new outcomes for third party content specific to guidelines (for example, provide a mechanism for users to enter alternative text for images). The example of the new outcome was not approved by AGWG for publishing, but can be viewed in the editors draft.
    • Platforms that meet these requirements can claim conformance for user generated content.
  • Reduce the ambiguity in testing with revised tabs and content sections in Methods and Tests. This is the result of joint work with the Accessible Conformance Testing (ACT) Task Force. The complete example is Decorative Images. All the existing Methods are moving to the new format, but the groups responsible for the content have not had the opportunity yet to update the material, so other Methods will have "To be done" sections. We expect it to be completed in a future draft.
  • WCAG3 Explainer first draft. This moves much of the explanatory material from WCAG3 into a separate document to improve usability.
  • Error Prevention - new guideline that illustrates a migration of WCAG 2.1 success criterion based on analysis of user needs. This was not approved by AGWG for publishing in a Working Draft, but can be viewed in the Editor's Draft.
  • [ New Methods for Text Alternatives]. This was not approved for publishing in a Working Draft, but can be viewed in the Editor's Draft.

The group has begun work on the next draft and plans to refine the prior topics and address these additional topics:

A Project Plan for Conformance is comprehensive plan with milestones to address the broad topic of Conformance.

Silver Conformance

Q4 2022 Proposals (post TPAC)

Q3 2022 Subgroup Presentations for TPAC

Testing the Conformance Model

Q1 2022 Proposals

Q3 2021 Proposals

Q1-Q2 2021 Proposals

Useful References

Conformance & Scoring Archive (2020)

Conformance & Scoring Archive (2019)

Conformance & Scoring Archive (2018)

Silver Guideline Content (Active)

Currently active section. We anticipate content writing to start in Q3 2019 and prioritize migrating existing WCAG 2.1 content throughout Q2 2020

Silver Content Writing Resources

WCAG to Silver Migration

Drafts of Other WCAG success criteria to migrate to Silver

We are migrating a few current WCAG 2.1 success criteria to Silver to test our process. See the SubGroups section above for details of active work. Other drafts of the migrated success criteria under development that do not have currently active work are:

  1. Audio Description draft from AccessU face-to-face (May 2019)
  2. Pause Stop Hide (from original plain language prototype) is also a midrange difficulty SC, but is very long - First (rough) draft ready
  3. Language of Environment - adapting 3.1.1 Language of Page - sketched out showing how Methods could be written for user agents, authoring tools, and emerging technologies.
  4. Sensory Characteristics (from original plain language prototype) is midrange difficultly SC - not started
  5. Timing (example of merging levels) - not started

Drafts of New Content Proposals from Task Forces and Prototypes

ePub Github issue thread from Publishing

from Cognitive Accessibility Task Force (COGA)

  1. Clear Language - see Clear Language Subgroup
  2. Enable APIs

from Low Vision Task Force (LVTF)

from Other Sources

Ideas for New Content for Silver

These documents are placeholders for capturing ideas that we don't want to lose. Feel free to add your thoughts.

Silver Guideline Content Archive - documents used to develop individual Silver Guidelines that are no longer current