Substantial Conformance

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Purpose: (Placeholder text yet t -- o be worked on) To explore solutions to conformance challenges in order to address the potential difficulties presented when testing all content in large digital products and 3rd party content; and bring proposals to the Silver Task Force and Accessibility Guidelines Working Group.

Current Focus


We meet Thursdays at Noon Boston Time (currently 1700Z). Please consult this link to get the meeting time in your local timezone.

Zoom Teleconference 

Our next subgroup teleconference will be Thursday 3 February.

As customary at W3C, we use IRC to take notes during our calls which are then posted on the web.

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  • Channel #silver-conf


Comments on WCAG3 FPWD

Our Work and Timeline




Use Cases Index (First Round)

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Silver Research

Draft Silver Research Report (2018)


Currently Active Participants

  • Janina Sajka
  • Peter Korn
  • Rachael Montgomery
  • Wilco Fiers
  • Jeanne Spellman
  • Bruce Bailey
  • John Foliot
  • Azlan Cuttilan
  • Todd Libby
  • Kim Dirks
  • Mary Jo Mueller
  • Shadi Abou-Zahra
  • Gregg Vanderheiden
  • Susi Pallero
  • Darryl Lehmann

Former Participants

  • Melina Maria Möhnle
  • Sarah Horton
  • John Northup
  • Detlev Fischer
  • David Fazio
  • Jennie Delisi
  • JaEun Jemma Ku
  • Bryan Trogdon