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Welcome and work plan

This group represents a continuation of the Accessibility Metadata Project that was initiated by Benetech in 2013 to bring metadata for discovering the accessible properties of resources to the Web through The original properties were based on the Access for All metadata from IMS Global, but some unique properties have subsequently been added.

When that project wrapped up, the Web Schemas wiki was used to maintain the vocabulary of terms, but that wiki page is no longer actively maintained. It’s taken a little while to find a formal way to reform the work, but this W3C Community Group will now be the official maintenance group for those vocabularies. This is in keeping with how other groups are maintaining their properties for

The first order of business is to republish the vocabulary in the wiki as a Community Group document. Our intention is to publish the vocabulary out of the Community Group’s GitHub repository, as this will allow us to quickly address issues as they arise. The editor’s draft represents a straight-forward port of the old wiki. By publishing, we will get a stake in the ground before beginning to tackle the tracker issues. This will also allow us to formally retire the old wiki without delay.

Once we have a published document, we will begin to work at the issues in the tracker. We will be using GitHub to resolve issues as much as possible as it provides an open and easily discovered record of our discussions and decisions. We are not planning to hold regular teleconferences at this time but may schedule some if problems arise that we cannot solve by tracker alone.

We will try to republish the vocabulary with each issue we resolve.

For more information about the group, please also review the readme on the GitHub repository and the group’s charter document.

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