Major Milestones for Silver

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This page is subject to change as the project evolves.

Milestone Due Date Status Results
Project Proposed to the Accessibility Guidelines Working Group Oct 2016 Complete Design Plan for Silver
Identify Stakeholders 12/31/2016 Complete Stakeholder Matrix (Google Sheet)
Create Stakeholder Job Stories Feb 2018 Complete Stakeholder Job Stories
Research on Structural Issues of Silver March 2018 Complete Silver Research Summary (Google slide deck)
Silver Design Sprint March 2018 Complete Design Sprint Report
Requirements Document to AGWG May 2018 Phase 1 Complete Draft of Silver Requirements
Prototype Development & User Testing Sept 2018 Complete (except Conformance) Prototypes in Github

Links to current prototypes Comment or Contribute to Github Repo

Draft of prototypes to AGWG Oct 2018 (TPAC F2F) Complete
Face to Face Meeting at CSUN to train and write content (*) March 2019 Complete
Requirements Document to AGWG May 2019 Phase 1 Complete Draft of Silver Requirements
Move existing WCAG content into the new structure publishing regular Working Drafts (*) Q3 2019 - Q2 2020 In-Progress
Publish example of Conformance & Examples of Silver (* see note below) Q3 2019
Publish First Public Editors Draft (FPED) (* see note below) Q1 2020
Develop new Silver content (*) Q3 2020 -Q2 2021
AGWG publishes Candidate Recommendation (*) Q3 2021
On-going maintenance begins for Silver x.1 (*) Q3 2021
AGWG publishes Proposed Recommendation (*) Q3 2022
AGWG publishes Silver Recommendation (*) Q4 2022

Note (*): These milestones are dependent on approval of continuation of the Silver work by W3C membership through its chartering process.