Conformance Architecture Testing

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Conformance Architecture Testing is tasked with developing techniques, resources, and data for evaluating the key metrics of WCAG3: Validity, Reliability, Sensitivity, Adequacy, and Complexity. This page lists documents and resources for Evaluating the Conformance Architecture. Note that this is not testing web sites for accessibility, this group is developing data to validate the WCAG3 itself meets its key metrics.



Validity Testing



References from the May Virtual Face to Face

Inaccessible Pages for Testing Purposes

Next Steps

23 April 2021

  • John and Todd are working on evaluating test sites with the First Public Working Draft content and evaluation spreadsheet.
  • Once this that is complete, the subgroup will review the issues raised and work on feeding back to the Silver group.


  • Francis Storr
  • Jeanne Spellman
  • Todd Libby
  • John Foliot
  • Jake Abma